Tips Analysis Of High/Low Value Of Adsense CPC Advertiser

Most of the Adsense publisher Indonesia said that the value of the CPC (Cost Per Click) is very low, you know how we do know the Adsense ad prices definitely? Isn't that already a secret party Advertiser and google?

The value of the CPC or often also called CPC (cost Per Click) will take effect once against Adsense earnings, any blog or website can have values different even though the CPC ads that appear the same. Why is this so?

A great many factors that can affect the height of the low value of the CPC of Adsense, but the dominant factor is one of the most prominent is the quality of the content of the blog itself.

With quality content will be more influential to the emergence of more relevant Adsense ads so potentially obtain high click prices.

The Deciding Factor Is High Low AdSense Earnings

Some of the things below to join with the low value of the CPC of Adsense, this factor can be derived from the blog manager and little knowledge about the Adsense ads.

The use of the template or theme on your blog

  • Use the template that is responsive and mobile friendly and clean look.
  • Use the navigation of the blog is good and correct.
  • Provide adequate advertising space in order to display advertisements can be seen directly to visitors.

The placement of Adsense ads that are not correct

Many publishers are highly underestimate about ad placement, which caused the value of advertising is no longer relevant in the eyes of the visitor and be the cause of adsense ad value becomes lower.

Note that ad placement policies already set by the Adsense, this will give more value especially in the value of CPC ads on your blog.

How To Know The Value Of CPC Adsense Ads From The Advertiser

Once again, we can't know for sure adsense CPC values established by the parties to a google Advertiser, but with the help of specific tools we can analyze high low CPC of the google ad auction results.

One example of this is the Adsense sandbox tool created by Amit Agarwal, blog owners can know labnol address or URL party advertisers/advertiser. After that we can analyse low value high CPC Adsense with the help of the site

The steps are as follows:


  • Open the Adsense Sandbox tool
  • Enter the URL of your blog, like the picture below.

How To Know The Value Of CPC Adsense Ads From The Advertiser

  • Next click preview Ads, it will come out the look of your Adsense ads and URL address of the advertiser's Party. like the picture below.

How To Know The Value Of CPC Adsense Ads From The Advertiser

Note: this way can also be done with google toolbar publisher, but with the Adsense sandbox tool then all tampilam ads (text and pictures) will appear together with the URL of the advertiser.


Open site keywordspy

Then enter a list of URLs of advertisers that are obtained from the first way. See the picture below.

How To Know The Value Of CPC Adsense Ads From The Advertiser

Description of the image.

  1. Open research
  2. Click on the keywords
  3. Specify the area of the country (there are several options area of the country) and press search.
  4. The results of the analysis of the value of the CPC Adsense from the URL of the advertiser.

We can also see a list of related (related) from the URL of the advertiser who we put in the box under the image keyword research.

Select a List or list of Adsense CPC Value the lowest

Of the two ways above we will get the result value of the CPC of Adsense with the lowest price from the advertiser. We can move the list into notepad and then we select and analyze.

Note: to get the list accurately and in sufficient quantities, we can do it in 3-5 days. well here is required the patience of us so that we get the complete list of low CPC.

Use The Ad Blocker In Adsense Dashboard

Adsense provides parties to block ads from certain websites from the Advertiser. It aims to better display the types of ads that are relevant to our site, in addition also have the opportunity to receive higher Adsense CPC.
How To Know The Value Of CPC Adsense Ads From The Advertiser

Image captions

  • Go to the dashboard, select Allow and block ads.
  • Enter the individual commandments themselves list/list of CPC adsense which low value.
  • Click block URLs.

You can enter a list of URLs as many as 500, depending you get the list/list of CPC Adsense value that is already analyzed before.

Note: not always the value of the CPC has always been low, because the Advertiser can bid higher auction proceeds through the CPC's new ad inventory after ending the era of tayangnya, or start a new ad impressions.


This way only to analyze the value of CPC Adsense from the highest to low installed on our blog based on analysis of the advertiser's URLS, ... remember the value of CPC or CPC still depends on many factors. The easiest example is of the quality of your content as a determinant of the high value of the CPC.

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