Surefire Tips for Body-powered and Hydrated While Fasting

Starting today, Thursday (17/5/2018), all Muslims around the world began to enter the holy month of Ramadan. That is, during the month of Ramadan for millions of Muslims will be fasting, restraint to not eating, drinking, and smoking since dawn till sunset. 

Surefire Tips for Body-powered and Hydrated While Fasting

Fasting all day can be a grueling experience dehydration and for some people, depending on where they live. To keep the energy and to avoid dehydration during Lent, students from the University of Birmingham City, United Kingdom, has made a guide so that these objectives can be achieved. Here's the instruction reported by Aljazeera, Wednesday (16/5/2018): 

Surefire Tips for Body-powered and Hydrated While Fasting

1. Drinking more water as night 

experts suggest to drink at least two litres of water while not fast (from Maghrib to Suhoor). 

2. Eat a balanced 

diet while fasting the body lack the needed nutrients the body systems. Therefore, the experts stressed the importance of eating a balanced meal when breaking and nutritional needs of the body so that the last meal would be sure. 

3. Think of an alternative to fried foods, 

change it with baked goods, and replace the food with a lighter. For example, replace sugary foods such as cakes and chocolates with fruit or yogurt. 

4. Exercise during the fast 

Sports still can be done during fasting. Sports thus can maintain blood flow. The key, the sport isn't done excessively. 

5. Plenty of protein and avoid salt when Suhoor 

experts recommend eating foods that can provide enough energy for a body that can last for several hours. Foods that are slow to digest such as high protein and high fiber is highly recommended. 

6. Water, dates, and balanced when breaking the fast food 

Fast with dates is something that is natural for Muslims. On the other hand, the date palm also provides benefits to the body. The natural sugar content in date palm can provide energy to the body system. If there are no dates, other fruit is also the same merits. After eating sugary foods from natural sugars, which your body needs balanced food is selanjutkan composed of carbohydrates, proteins in meat or fish, and milk for fat naturally. 

7. Keep your energy without water and snacks 

according to the experts, there are simple ways that can be done so that the body remain powered while undergoing fast. For example the break briefly from your activities and go for a walk for a while, writing a list of activities that should be carried out, or planned will be taking the fast menu.

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