How to Make Donuts Indomie is being Viral

Netizen being created a stir with doughnuts Indomie and turns how to create viral food is quite easy and we try to fit in the time of Iftar.

Lately it Rookery is being made with the netizen donat Indomie and it turns out how to make the food being viral is easy enough and matched we try at the time of Iftar. 

How to Make Donuts Indomie is being Viral

Beginning from viralnya Donuts Indomie turned out to come from Australia. After a lively social media apparently known there are several stalls in Jakarta that follow-up selling doughnuts Indomie viral such Teens. 

Well make you guys who've wanted to try making it yourself at home for Iftar menu, look first made it's way below Yes.

dinstaDonat Indomie is viral, it turns out that way makes it quite young lho (dok. Instagram @leon_shannon_)

The materials we need, among other things:

-2 packs of Indomie goreng

-1 piece of sausage cut into small

-mozarella cheese to taste

-2 eggs

-flour to taste (if using flour seasoning can use 1 packet only)

-250 gr of flour bread

How to make it extremely easy lho Teens:

1. boil noodles as usual, drain and let marinade

2. take 1 egg and shake off

3. Insert the pieces of sausage, cheese mozarella and Indomie already matured into egg whisk

4. Put the mixture on top of the donut into the mold and steamed for about 2 minutes

5. take the Donuts Indomie already steamed and roll it over the flour and then dip into the egg beaten already. After that, don't forget to roll them in the breadcrumbs until evenly distributed. 

6. Lastly, FRY doughnuts until golden yellow colored Indomie, lift and serve Yes Teens!

Indomie is easily made Donuts! (dok. Instagram @warkop. 96)

For more delicious you can add ketchup or chilli sauce to taste you guys huh. So after knowing how to make Donuts Indomie is being viral on top, do you want to try to make it for the Iftar meal later Teens?

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