This Is The First Purchase Of A Car? Check Out These Tips First

Suhupedia today -  the car is not only used as a daily means of transport, but also ideal as investment options. Therefore, a lot of people who want to own a car.

This Is The First Purchase Of A Car? Check Out These Tips First

But there are many things to be aware of when you are about to buy your first car. Not to regret later on. Well, here are tips that you can follow.

1. adjust the Car according to the needs of

Do not easily tempted by cheap prices and design that looks luxurious. Buy cars in accordance with the needs of you and your family, for example model multi purpose vehicle (MPV) or a compact-sized family car.

2. Select a car from a trusted Dealer

You must select a car dealer with good credibility to get promos and deals attractive. Make sure you check the reputation of the car dealer.

3. Resale Prices Stable

You should think about before buying a resale price of the car. If the sale price back nice and stable, you can prioritize the car to reduce its losses when want to resell it.

4. Safety features

Next, look at the car it features you. If you want to drive safely and comfortably, make sure the car has safety features fitted.

5. The availability of Workshop

Choose the car which has many branches of the official workshop. This is to make it easier for You if you want to fix the car later.

6. Insurance Support

Buying a car in cash or credit, insurance remains one of the most important things to watch out for. Program offered insurance can prevent you from excess expenditure if the car suffered damage or accidents.

7. Do a Test Drive

With the test drive, you can feel Your car's performance target. Preferably, do a test drive on some types of products to find out the cars that fit.

8. Car selection list for beginners

Make a list of the options appropriate for your car. For starters, choose one of the five following the latest car models.

Suzuki Ignis

This car is suitable for millennial because it offers an innovative model in class city car. If you are looking for a compact car, the car costs Rp 144 this could be your choice.

Suzuki Ignis also has safety features complete and modern entertainment as well as the famous efficient gasoline, and already equipped platform Heartec to absorb the impact when the car suffered a head-on collision. However the design of the back of the overvalued Ignis nyentrik.

Daihatsu Sirion

Perform dynamic through the spacious cabin, the Sirion is perfect ridden by women. This car also features two transmission options, namely manual and automatic. Another plus, Sirion was using Dual VVT-I engine from Toyota and a series of safety features.

But the Sirion has a number of shortcomings due to the use of the suspension that belongs to hard. In addition, this car still CBU so that the effect on the selling price. To OTR Jakarta, Sirion on sale from Rp 182 millions.

Wuling Confero

This car is capable of competing with other MPV thanks to the use of the full features that are usually found on the premium car. This car can accommodate up to 8 people through the passenger cabin cozy and classy.

Confero uses 4-cylinder DOHC DVVT crime, General Motors. The design looks similar to Confero Low MPV etc. The price is very economical to purchase from Rp 132 million only.

Mitsubishi Xpander

The car is Low-most innovative MVP year 2018 it brings revolutionary design is more attractive than any other brand of car in the same class. Xpander MIVEC engine offers technological and flexible seats.

On sale starting at Usd 194 million, the lack of cars is located on the rear brake usage still tromol, magnitudes, and torque.

Datsun Cross

This car has SUV design with modern impression and belongs to the cheapest crossover. Datsun Cross is able to accommodate 5 + 2 passengers so suitable for small family. The car also accompanied HR12DE engine which is claimed for the optimal urban.

With the selling price starts Rp 162 millions, this car lacks a design similar to the old Datsun car collection as Go + Panca. Don't expect relief in the third row of the car cabin.

How, it's ready to buy your first car? After assessing the shortcomings and benefits, don't forget to compare prices of resale car of your choice to get the best deals with accessing the site Priceza.

Site Priceza accessible via smartphone or desktop PC. Without the need to register, you can instantly get the information desired goods price comparison. Good luck!

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