3 interesting facts from Google Research on the development of YouTube in Indonesia

With over one billion users per month worldwide — almost a third of the number of internet users as a whole — YouTube is one of the most popular online platform at this time. Its popularity is projected to continue to rise along with the number of users. In fact, the market research institute predicts that the number of users Statista will reach 1.8 billion people by the year 2021.

3 interesting facts from Google Research on the development of YouTube in Indonesia

The high popularity of the effected by increasing value to the video sharing platform against internet users. Internet users visit YouTube isn't just for entertainment, but also to learn or get information. Google says that 57 percent of YouTube users search for entertainment content, as well as 86 percent also States accustomed to visiting the site to learn new information.

Internet users visit YouTube isn't just for entertainment, but also to learn or get information.

The momentum can also be felt in Indonesia. On May 9, 2018, representing Google YouTube delivered the results of the research which was carried out together with Kantar TNS.

The research studied the use of YouTube in Indonesia. Google delivered a variety of information regarding the increase in popularity, the differences of the urban market and rural, to content types of interest warganet Indonesia.

Began replacing televisions

The role of YouTube in Indonesia as a means of publication video content continues to increase. The number of hours of content is uploaded from Indonesia increased more than doubled from year to year.

According to the results of research, 92 per cent of users of Indonesia stated YouTube is their first destination when searching for video content. In General, Indonesia argues that YouTube users makes it easy for them to find interesting content with diverse topics.

In terms of the quantity of the audience, YouTube has begun to rival the television as a means of media that are most frequently accessed Indonesia people. Of the 1,500 respondents involved in the study, 53 percent stated to access YouTube every day, and 57 percent watch television every day.

Indonesia users often use YouTube to watch content that didn't get their catch directly when broadcast on television.

In General, the YouTube channel of the channel or television show is one of the most popular categories for users of Indonesia. Indosiar, for example, has more than 1.8 million subscriber with number of view more than 1.3 billion from the rest of the videos that they upload.

Channel with the content of television broadcasts that include RCTI, with more than 1.4 million subscriber and the number of view more than 1.6 billion, as well as Indonesian Idol with more than 2 million subscribers and the number of view more than 1 billion.

The more popular in the rural society

Not only the urban society, Indonesia warganet who live in the rural as well as more access YouTube. There are many factors that make rural communities in Indonesia are increasingly interested in using YouTube, among others:

  • Provision of internet infrastructure that the better so that higher quality connections,
  • The price of the means of accessing the internet as an increasingly affordable data package, and
  • Content that is increasingly relevant to the interest in warganet rural. 

The category of content that is attractive to users of urban and rural differences. In General, the more urban meminati user content that can support the theme of everyday life, such as travel, lifestyle or video instructions. While users of rural in general more interested to provide entertainment content directly, such as music, comedy, or football.

Creators and brand the more productive Indonesia

The increase in interest as well as diversity in the very lucrative audience for content creators from Indonesia. The number of creators to Indonesia to win Gold on the Play Button (the award given to the creators of YouTube with over one million subscribers) has increased rapidly in recent years.

This indicates an increasing number of warganet Indonesia that use YouTube. In addition, the quality of content creators to Indonesia also was further increased to successfully attract a wider audience.

"The people of Indonesia are not only viewed the international content on YouTube, but they were so proud of their local creators who are able to interact in a language that is easy to understand and comply with them," said Veronica Utami as Head of Marketing Google Indonesian.

10 most popular YouTube Ad of the year 2017

Raditya Dika is the creator of Indonesia who first gets the Gold Play Button at once has one of the highest per-subscriber May 2018 — more than 3.6 million people. During the year 2018, YouTube has provided a Gold Play Button to the ten original creators Indonesia. In addition to these, there are currently 38 channel origin Indonesia with a subscriber of more than one million.

The increased attention of the audience not only obtained by individual creators, but also the brand. Besides the creators who grabbed the Gold Play Button, Google also has to publish the list of the ten most popular advertisement videos during the year 2017.

According to Google, more and more brand aware of YouTube's potential to attract consumers through submission of a creative message. The video ad is successfully grabbed the audience's attention through:

New innovations in the delivery of the story through advertising, like a sequel series,
Exploit and everyday life of the customer, such as feasts,
The use of the figure of the famous selebritas, and
Experiments with the duration of the most effective way to deliver the message.

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