What's the Difference Android Auto and Android Automotive?

Unknowingly technology companies call it Google, decided to come into play in the automotive industry. Even openly Google provides Android applications to be in the car cabin. 

 Difference Android Auto and Android Automotive?

But in reality there are currently two notions Android Auto and Android Automotive. But what's the difference between them? DetikOto try to explore what distinguishes both, as quoted xda-developers, Saturday (7/1/2017).

Indeed, Google does not specifically explain the difference between the two. But certainly both of these terms are equally used or tucked in a vehicle.

However, if you try to interpret there is a fundamental difference between the two. For Android Auto means a system that can connect between the smartphone with the dashboard in the cabin. So apps like Maps, Music or Voice access will be easy to operate.

As for Android Automotive, defined a car that is actually using Android applications as the system operational system. So without the need to reconnect personal smartphones, the Android system is completely embedded in one automotive brand.

Panasonic Automotive is currently exhibiting at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, in partnership with Qualcomm and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US (FCA US) which gave birth to an infotainment system, built using the Android system.

The result is an advanced infotainment promised to be tucked on the latest Chrysler model. Using the customized Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am processor from Kryo CPU, using X12 LTE modem, Hexagon 680 DSP and Adreno 530 GPU

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