Top 5 Milk & Weight Loss Supplements

Not a few people who have difficulty in adding weight. Weight loss or body that is too thin can certainly affect the appearance and confidence of someone, which can ultimately affect the performance and expected end results.
Increasing weight is a thorough and continuous process, certainly with attention to various factors that can support weight gain.
One of the main factors is proper nutrition for the body, and should be obtained in a healthy way as well. Some important nutrients to gain weight include:
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Complex carbohydrates , and
  • Natural sugar
Natural nutrition is certainly obtained from the diet and food that you consume daily.Furthermore, read: Food to gain weight .

Milk to Help Gain Weight

Apart from food, you can also get the nutrients needed to gain weight from various products, both milk and supplements, which are specifically enriched with formulas and special added nutrients for weight gain purposes. Various products are usually formulas enriched with high protein, complex carbohydrates, as well as good fats and complete amino acids.
Below are five dairy products and supplements that you can try, to help your program gain weight.

Appeton Weight Gain

milk added weight appetiteAppeton weight gain is a fairly popular formula, especially fortified with nutrients that can help you gain weight for those of you who are underweight or overweight.
This formula contains all kinds of amino acids, which the body uses to form proteins. In addition, the milk is equipped with L-Lysine which can increase the levels of PER which is a heavy capacity to get protein intake.
Appeton Weight Gain Adult also has higher biovailability because it uses a protein from whey that contains high concentrations of amino acids that are easier to digest and absorb.
In addition, this product is also supported with multivitamins and minerals that will increase the performance of amino acids in the body.
If you need balanced nutrition, this milk weight gain may be suitable for you.

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution

milk weight gainMuscle Juice Revolution 2600 is a weight-gain milk and muscle mass containing 56 grams of protein complex consisting of 8 different proteins, regular off-road carbohydrates that are useful for supplying power for the next few hours.
Muscle Juice Revolution also contains good fats like Omega 3, CLA and MCT to maintain the health of your blood vessels and your cholesterol level.
High protein and high calorie levels help you increase your muscle mass significantly and increase your weight and give you energy slowly. The complex carbohydrate content can provide you with a constant source of energy and does not increase your blood insulin levels drastically
This product also contains good fats for the health of your blood vessels and heart, as well as enzymes to help absorb the supplements you consume.

Dymatize Supermass Gainer

best milk weight gain
Dymatize Supermass Gainer
Super Mass Gainer is the leading weight gainer product from Dymatize. 
Gaining weight is not an easy thing for some people, especially those who have faster body metabolism. Especially for those who are very busy on the move every day, it is very difficult to get the necessary caloric intake to gain weight.
This is where the role of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, which contains complete protein, high CALORI, BCAA, vitamins, and minerals to increase body mass and help shape muscle mass.
If you want to gain weight, the most important thing is to 'feed' your muscles. That's why Super Mass Gainer contains important types of proteins for these needs: Whey Protein and Casein Protein to support weight gain as well as muscle formation.
Excellence Dymatize Super Mass Gainer:
  • 1,300 Calories (up to 1,900 calories if mixed with milk)
  • High and complete protein
  • Enriched with Creatine
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, including BCAA

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein

whey protein to add bb and muscleFor those of you who have a more active lifestyle, products from Ultimate Nutrition can be the right choice. This milk contains whey protein isolate and concentrate, with very high protein content, reaching 83% per serving / glass.
Because it contains all of the amino acids (essential and non-essential) to form proteins, it is great for increasing muscle mass, including keeping the muscles from shrinking.
If you do - or plan to do - exercise kebugara / weight lifting, then high protein intake will help you in forming and filling the muscle mass of the body. Prostar 100% Whey Protein is whey which is isolated through micro and ultra filtration process to ensure whey protein with very high quality.

ON Serious Mass

milk weight gain and muscle
Serious Mass [Optimum Nutrition]
Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition is a powerful weight gain formula. As the name implies, if you are serious about gaining weight, then Serious Mass is for you.
Just look at the featured content in it:
  • 1,250 calories per serving
  • 50 grams of complete protein
  • more than 250 grams of complex carbohydrates without added sugar
  • enriched with creatine, glutamine, and glutomic acid
  • 25 essential vitamins and minerals
To gain weight, while increasing muscle mass and mass, ON Serious Mass is a complete supplement of your money needs. High calories, protein, and carbohydrates are the best weight gain formulas.
Not to mention the other supporting substances such as glutamine (prevents muscle mass shrinkage), creatine (energy enhancer during activity / exercise), and various essential vitamins and minerals essential for your body.

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