Wowww!! LinkSys Launches WRT32X, Its a Gaming Router

Carrying the feature titled Killer Networking, LinkSys launched its newest router WRT32X ready to target game enthusiast.

Gaming Router

WRT32X itself is the first collaboration of Linksys and Rivet Networks that work together to realize the Killer Prioritization Engine (KPE) feature. So when this router is paired with a PC that also supports Killer features like Alienware, Gigabyte, MSI, or Razer and others, the WRT32X will provide a powerful end-to-end connection to prioritize game traffic.

In a sense, the connection will be prioritized for the desired game. While the speed for other needs while will be maintained as needed.

"The Killer Prioritization Engine accommodates serious online gamers.WRT32X is the only router that is optimized for high-speed data-playing games aimed at PC users who also support Killer feature capabilities." Veroniaty said in Jakarta.

By prioritizing connections, KPE optimizes data traffic for low latency, thus reducing the lag. On the other hand KPE will also manage other online traffic at home to ensure that other devices and activities are not interrupted.

LinkSys also claims the WRT32X carries a business class router DNA like a series of other WRT routers. The difference, this device is deliberately worked out for the thrust of networking platform that is able to provide the experience of playing the game online to the fullest.

"Integrating Killer Networking technology with WRT32X is a great boon for gamers For the first time, Gamers will have a custom-designed router to work on Killer-enabled PCs to identify and prioritize network traffic for games, thus ensuring fast online gaming experience and smooth. " explained Ivona.

Interested to bring him? With the advantages LinkSys WRT32X dibanderol pretty. Consumers who are interested in it must pay a total of Rp 4.4 million to feel the ability. 

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