How to Replace a Low-end Smartphone Display to Make Smartphone Flagship Google Pixel 2

How to Replace a Low-end Smartphone Display to Make Smartphone Flagship Google Pixel 2

How to Replace a Low-end Smartphone Display to Make Smartphone Flagship Google Pixel 2

Pixel 2 is the best Android smartphone so far. Handled directly by Google as an Android developer , Pixel 2 equipped with features and specifications that can be spelled out sophisticated. So no wonder, if the price of this smartphone is very expensive, which is about 10 million.

For that, if you are someone who really wants Pixel 2 but do not have money to buy it, then the following way could be the solution. How? By changing the look of your smartphone into Pixel 2 using the third-party launcher . The result? Could be the same, or maybe better. Okay, just follow the way.

Change Your Smartphone Display To Look Like Pixel 2 In This Way!

1. Install Nova Launcher

One of the best launchers for Android today is Nova Launcher. Not only light, this application also provides a variety of features that can be tampered with the user's wishes.

The way is quite easy, just download the application, go to Settings, tap Home, then select Nova Launcher.

2. Use O Icon Pack

Google Pixel 2 has used Android OS 8.0.1 (Oreo) as the main operating system. Not only in the changed initial view or added features, Android Oreo also uses a new icon theme that tends to be rounded. Well, to get an icon like that you can use O Icon Pack.

How, download and open O Icon Pack. Tap Apply, then choose which launcher you want to apply with O Icon Pack. If the notification appears 'Apply Icon theme' then stay you select OK.

3. Apply Pixel Wallpaper 2

In fact, Pixel 2 uses wallpapers from the Google Wallpapers app. Google Wallpapers itself provides hundreds of cool wallpaper collections from Google Earth and Google+ that make your screen look cleaner and clearer.

How? Just download , then run the application, select the wallpaper you want, then tap Set Wallpaper.

4. Use Another Widget

Another Widget is the best widget application that allows you to change font type, font size, and calendar appointments. This widget application provides a widget that is very similar to Pixel 2.

enter the image description here

How, tap and hold your home screen. Select Widget, then drag and drop Another Widget to the main screen.

Next, a configuration screen will appear. Slide down, select See Your Events, then tap Allow. Slide down again, select Control the Weather then tap Allow. Voila! Your main screen will look like Pixel 2 complete with the weather and schedule you have created on the calendar .

5. Apply the Searchbar Dock at the bottom of the screen

As a smartphone owned by Google, Pixel 2 must have a search bar on the main screen. But now, in Pixel 2, Google moves it at the bottom of the screen to make it easier to reach.

To get a search bar like this, you just need to open Nova Settings, go to Dock, then tap Search in Dock. Select Below Icons to get the search bar under the icon.

Next, tap and hold the Dock search bar on the home screen, until a menu appears. Tap on edit, then select the bar shape, logo style and color of the bar you want. White is the default color of Pixel 2, but you can customize it with theme on your smartphone .

Well, that was an easy way to make your 'regular' smartphone look like Google Pixel 2. No need more money, just need precision and creativity in tinkering with the launcher, then your smartphone is ready to be Pixel 2. May be useful!

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