5 Highly Technically Abused Technologies

5 Highly Technically Abused Technologies

5 Highly Technically Abused Technologies

Technology was created to ease and ease the human burden. Without the advanced technology that exists today, we will surely come back to feel like in the stone age. Not forward.

But technological sophistication is not all used for positive things. There are many examples of sophisticated technological innovations that were originally created for positive purposes, but ultimately have a negative impact. Make kesel! Like the following sophisticated technology abused.

Some of the following advanced technologies have changed human life . But strangely enough, there are users who use the advanced technology for the wrong things. Like the following cases!

1. Use VR to Watch Adult Content

Who does not know VR? Technology that is able to make users interact with the virtual world in real this much-loved. But unfortunately, more and more who abuse it, like dipake for watching adult content!

BaDoink is the first VR adult-based adult content site using Google Cardboard , in January 2015. After diving into research and development on virtual reality alias virtual reality, they are handing out thousands of Google Cardboard pairs for free to promote the launch of BaDoink.com !

2. YouTube for Bomb Nerds

Anyone remember the incident of pot bomb in a kosan in Bandung in July 2017 ago? The perpetrator who daily trades fried meatballs, claimed to learn to assemble pot bombs from the internet!

This is not the first time. Several times before, there was a robbery at a bank in Samarinda accompanied by a terror bomb. And again, the culprit claimed to learn to assemble the bomb via Youtube . There-is there aja deh ah!

3. Breaking into an ATM Using the Internet

A hacker has reportedly managed to break into ATMs in 40 countries. This is revealed after bank employees find a blank ATM, no money, no even visible traces of physical interaction with the machine. Creepy again, no trace of malware at the ATM.

Investigate a calibaration, security experts from Kapersky Lab found that the hacker broke into it by using in-memory malware, by infecting the banking network.

4. Drone to Peek

Drones that were originally created for military purposes such as transporting food or carrying out rescue missions, gradually became public consumption. Unfortunately many criminals use this unmanned aircraft to peek!

Some time ago married couples arrested because using a drone camera to commit a crime. How baseball, mother of six children and her partner is using the drone to spy on others!

5. Extortion Through the Internet

In May 2017, a terrible malware called WannaCry attacked hundreds of countries and hundreds of thousands of computers in the world. The case of WannaCry's ransomware is recognized as one of the biggest cyber attacks during 2017.

One of them attacked the computer network at Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta. In the case of abuse of this technology, hackers broke into the patient's data entry system and requested a ransom of about 300 US Dollars or 4 Million Rupiahs requested to be paid in the form of Bitcoin.

It's 5 sophisticated technology that is abused. Utilizing technology is legitimate aja, but it is prohibited to harm others yes! Or maybe you were the victim?

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