Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality - which one is better?

Virtual reality and augmented reality will be a necessity in the future, people will buy headsets or any device related to them. Augmented reality is now rampant with Pokemon GO , and virtual reality headsets have been sold everywhere since a year ago. Which one is better? Which one do you need more?

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is a technology that has long been discovered. The initial model of this virtual reality headset was the Wheatstone stereoscope found in 1838 . It consists of 4 glass - 2 in the middle and 2 on the side. This central glass is positioned 45 degrees from the user's eyes, this middle glass reflects the shadow of the glass that is on the side. 
Virtual reality creates a new world for you. The world displayed in virtual reality is indeed fully formed by computers (such as video games and movies). The new world is featured using glasses and headsets that give the world a full experience.
Viewed from the business side, virtual reality is a big enough market in 2016. Sales of virtual reality hardwaregenerate 700 million US dollars , sales of its own software generate 300 million US dollars ( ).It is predicted that virtual reality users will reach 25 million by 2018 ( ).
Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality - which one is better?

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality - which one is better?

A survey conducted in the UK shows that 3 out of 4 people agree that virtual reality is a good thing. 1 of 3 people also claimed to have tried virtual reality. Virtual reality is predicted to become very popular in video games, movies, and education. You can explore Mars from home , go past and see dinosaurs, meet other distant people , or dive into the deep ocean and see the giant octopus. 
In essence, virtual reality displays a world completely different from the real world.

Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality was discovered in 1968. The first tool that uses this technology is called Sword of Damocles that can display virtual reality as well. The look is very simple, and the tool is very heavy - to be hung to the ceiling.
Augmented reality adds new things to the real world. The most popular example today is Pokemon GO. In a large green field, there can be pokemon-pokemon that can be displayed through a smartphone. Augmented reality is also in development stage to be displayed through a perfectly translucent headset.
Viewed from the business side, augmented reality evolves much faster than virtual reality. Some leading companies such as IKEA, Starbcuks, Walmart , and Volvo have used augmented reality to beautify their products. Business augmented reality has also generated 3.2 billion US dollars - 3 times more than virtual reality. 

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality - which one is better?

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality - which one is better?

Because it combines the real world with computers, augmented reality has its own positive and negative sides. The rise of Pokemon GO games in 2016 is considered dangerous , because users are less aware of when it's real life and when it's not - this is proven by some cases of accidents because of playing Pokemon GO. On the other hand, augmented reality is considered positive because users will still be able to interact with the real world.
Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality adds new things to the real world.

Which is better for you?

If you want to play games or watch movies where you feel inside, then virtual reality is the choice. Already many videos on YouTube are compatible with virtual reality headset . You can even create your own headset with Google Cardboard. But for video games, it is not yet many high-end games that are compatible with virtual reality.
Augmented reality can actually we try through our smartphone. Applications such as Snapchat, Sony cameras, and Pokémon GO video games are an example. As for the headset, augmented reality does not yet have a perfect headset - Microsoft Hololens , is augmented reality headset that is still in development stage.

So, if you want to try virtual reality experience, headsetnya already many in the market, for example Samsung Gear VR , or even you can make it yourself through Google Cardboard. However, if you prefer augmented reality, you can actually try it through the augmented reality apps above - for the headset, please wait

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