Tips How to Create Latest 2017 Telkomsel Internet SAKTI Card

Tricks How To Create New 2017 Simpati Sympathy Card. How to Check Telkomsel Sakti Card - How to Know or How to Check Telkomsel Sakti Card, How to Check Simptie Sakti Card and How to Check Card Sakti As. Hallo agan and aganwati! On this occasion ane will give a little trick how to make a magic card Telkomsel , more precisely the trick to get the prime sympathy sympathy and how to check the magic card Telkomsel when you membali Telkomsel prime card at the counter. In order for the card that you buy it get a magic card cheap internet package or commonly called a magic card Telkomsel, magic card sympathy and card sakti card. Why is the Telkomsel card called a magic card? and what are the hallmark characteristics of a magic card? you must already know. The inaugural card get a promo offer cheap internet package Telkomsel super cheap compared with cheaper internet card package sympathy and other cheap internet telkomsel cards. 

Price promo cheap internet package Telkomsel obtained from the magic card Telkomsel prices ranging from 1GB 10rb / 2GB 20rb / 3GB 20rb / 5GB 30rb up to 8GB 50rb. That is the price list of the magic package Telkomsel before the price is increased. For now the price is slightly raised from the previous price. Ane does not know exactly why the price of internet package magic card is increased. But the price can still say is still very cheap or cheapest internet package than the other telkomsel internet package. Why does ane say still can be said the cheapest internet package Telkomsel? Well .. because there is a bonus pack of 4G telkomasel internet gan up to 5GB. Super cheap is not it ?! 

For the price of cheap card package in 2017 now the price ranging from 1GB 13rb + 1GB 4G / 3GB 25rb + 5GB 4G / 5GB 37rb + 5GB 4G and 8GB 60rb + 5GB 4G. But for some magic cards, the price is still the same as the previous price. How's gan? really the super cheap price of this telkomsel internet package right? 😊 Well do not we renew anymore directly wrote aja how to buy tricks or choose a card pedana telkimsel to get a magic card. 

How to Make Telkomsel Internet Sakti Card

  • Prepare a phone that has been filled first kardu Telkomsel (US, Sympathy, or Loop).
  • Visit the nearest pulse counter that sells Telkomsel starter pack. When you visit the counter pulse that sells Telkomsel's prime card, you are not to buy. Rather to look around some of the telkomsel numbers on display in the estalase. Photograph of telkomsel numbers in the estalase. 

  • Once you've got the info tekomsel numbers, the next step is to check whether it is a magic card Telkomsel or not by the way.
  • Dial Code * 369 # on the first phone you've already set up and Choose No. 2 Sell Internet Toll .
  • Will display " Enter Customer Number " please fill with the numbers of telkomsel that you have photo. 

  • If it is a magic card Telkomsel it will appear " PACKAGE SUPER INTERNET PROGRAM RAME INTERNET " and please note the number is on paper and select close (cancel).

  • The last step, please buy the prime card Telkomsel sakti that you have noted earlier the number on the counter pulse that you visited earlier.
  • Next fill in the pulse as much as which internet package you activate.
  • Buy the internet package at * 363 #.
Important : Divide the check * 369 # but there is no package selection menu in * 363 #, Please fill in the saturation package via counter. When want to buy it please say buy M-Newsstand * 369 # .
Quite easy and cheap is not it? Compare with the price 300 thousand earlier. With a capital of about 10 thousands you have got a magic card Telkomsel.

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