tips and trick to Maintain Relationships Between Couples To Stay Harmonious

Harmony in a relationship is very coveted by every couple either who already married or still in the stage of courtship, not 

few people complain of disharmony in relationships due to several factors, one of which is dissent. Of course, many other factors besides disagreements that make a harmony can lead to quarrels. Maintaining the integrity of a relationship in order to remain in harmony becomes important to discuss and find a way out
To keep intact in a relationship is not easy, many things or processes that pass through life in order to create a harmony in relation. Here we explain some ways to keep harmony in the relationship maintained:
)) Understanding
Lack of understanding is one factor of the occurrence of disharmony in relation. A couple will find it difficult to accept sincerely the advantages or disadvantages of their partner if in themselves they are not instilled what is called understanding. Before we start a relationship we must have been thinking about our advantages and disadvantages as well as our respective spouses so that in the future there is no argument that is to cover the shortage of our spouses with our advantages as well as vice versa. 
)) Maintaining Communication
In a relationship to maintain communication is very important, with a good communication between couples it will arise a sense of attention and warm a relationship. Although only sekeder stories, joking or joking communication is the most dominant thing done by the couple to make the relationship more harmonious
)) Honest and Open
We know not even in pairs alone we are required to be honest but in the sidelines of everyday life we ​​are required to always act honestly. Honesty and purity is the primary key for every couple for the creation of a harmonious relationship besides love and affection. The outline if we love and love our spouse, even to lie will be difficult to do. To be honest and open to our spouse then first we must learn honestly to ourselves, honest and open is a habit, if we are accustomed to be honest then we will be difficult to lie.
)) Positive thinking
By thinking positively about our spouse then we will believe that our spouse is a trusted companion, avoid our negative thoughts towards the couple who will eventually make a complicated relationship.
  )) Spend Time Together
Not a few couples often do not have time to just spend time together because of a business or distance apart. But do not close the possibility to spend time over the phone if there is no time at all to meet. Here we are again discussing the importance of understanding. More precisely the understanding is what we must cultivate to see the condition of our spouse who really can not take the time to be together because of a business, job or other problems. At least organize meetings physically in our spouse's leisure time because we realize it is also very necessary to maintain harmony of our relationship.
)) Gives Freedom
There is so much we can see about people who are over protective of their partner, this is what makes harmony will be split because of the restraints of the couple. Intent attention even lead to quarrels. We need to know to give freedom to the couple does not mean we do not love it or do not pay attention to it but precisely as learning until where our spouse can bear the trust that has been given to him

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