This is Google's Latest Product Specific to Indonesian Users

This is Google's Latest Product Specific to Indonesian Users

Managing Director of Google Indonesia Tony Keusgen in Google for Indonesia event in Jakarta, Thursday (8/24/2017). (Photo: Google Indonesia)
In the arena of Google for Indonesia on Thursday (8/24/2017) in Jakarta, Google helped bring the latest service that is specifically presented to Indonesian users.
The service aims to make the internet more useful and relevant for the people of Indonesia. In his keynote speech , Google Indonesia Managing Director Tony Keusgen says Google's goal of building technology is not just for a handful of people, but for everyone.
"We want everyone to connect online and get the most from the internet, like me and you," says Keusgen.

Google, said Keusgen, seeks to do three things in Indonesia, making it easier to access relevant and useful information, providing more ways for Indonesians to make the internet more useful, and provide better Internet access for Indonesians.
In order to meet these goals, there are some new products and services that Google brings to Indonesia.Anything?

First is to bring cheap internet through Google Station, a Wi-Fi hotspot that is fast, safe, and easy to use.The plan of this fast Google internet will be present this year in hundreds of locations in Java and Bali.The program was first implemented in India at 200 railway stations, and managed to make 15,000 Indians feel Internet access for the first time.

Not mentioned how much to pay for using this service, but Google claims, monetization is done so that Google Station can be presented sustainably in various other regions in the country.
Second, Google makes its virtual assistant in the chat application Google Allo can speak in Bahasa Indonesia. That way, users in Indonesia can rule their assistant with Bahasa Indonesia like talking with friends.

Another service Google brings to Indonesia is a refinement of Google Search for users in Indonesia.Google Search Director Ken Tokusei said the Google Search app would be more relevant to Indonesians. Especially with the presence of Shortcut that can be fixed to explore the topic of your choice in more detail.

"Suppose you want to explore food and drinks near you, movie showtimes, and navigation," he said.
In addition, the Feed feature will also be updated to be more relevant and relevant to what the user likes.For example, related to favorite topics, hobbies, and trending news in Google App. Everything thanks to machine learning support that applied Google.

For YouTube loyal users, Google will also launch the YouTube Go smartphone app, a YouTube version specifically designed to provide access to more efficient data-watching videos. Through this app, users can watch video previews first and recover video file size before saving it offline for later viewing.
Last but not least is the addition of odd-even route features in the travel navigation app, Waze. With this feature, users can get navigation routes according to their vehicle license plate. That way, drivers still obey the rules and get the relevant route option.

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