This is the Excellence of Android Oreo Compared Nougat

Google officially announced the successor of Android Nougat right at the moment of the total solar eclipse, August 21, 2017 ago. Oreo chocolate chip officially selected as the name of the Android operating system 8.0.Bringing lots of interesting updates and features, is Android Oreo much better than Android Nougat?
Of course yes. To prove the answer, we will explain in detail in two parts: minor (minor) and large scale (major) increases.

Minor increase

Android Oreo comes with a view change. Although not significant, but in fact managed to make Android Oreo look so fresher. Some of the changes are Home Screen, Notifications, App Drawer, Menu Settings, Storage Menu, and Menu Battery.
Not only bring changes in appearance, Android Oreo also brings a number of interesting features. Some are new, but there are old features that are updated where the ability is better than Nougat. Some of these features include:


In this update, Android brings a new feature called Autofill. This feature serves to store data from each form we have ever fill, such as data username, password, address, and so forth. So when we fill the form with the same format, the system will display some information that has been stored so that the form will be filled automatically, no need to rewrite.
This feature has actually been available on the web browser Chrome and now Google managed to implement it on Android-based applications. To enable this feature, users can go to settings menu> system> languages ​​& input> advanced> input assistance> autofill service.

Smart Text Selection

Android also updates the performance of Text Selection. Yes, the Text Selection feature in Android Oreo can recognize text formatting and give some options. For example when we select text with address format, Text Selection feature will give option to open Google Maps.
Another example when we select a character with a phone number format, Text Selection will provide a special option to directly call the number.Certainly Text Selection on Android Oreo is much smarter than Android Nougat.


Initially the Picture-in-picture feature is only available on Android TV, but now Android is successfully bringing this exciting feature on smartphone and tablet devices. The Picture-in-picture feature offers the perfect multitasking experience.
How not, with this feature users can watch or stream video while doing other activities. This feature is a new feature and which has not or will not be available on Android Nougat.


Do not stop there, Android Oreo also offers a lot more emoji than Android Nougat. Starting from emoji facial expressions, emoji animals, emoji vehicles, and many others. This sounds very interesting, especially for users who often spend time to chat and interact in social media.

WiFi Aware

Features A WiFi Aware or commonly called Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) allows devices to connect to each other without the need for third-party applications or access points. This feature is very useful because users can send and receive data more quickly and more practical.

Major increase

Some of the above features actually have a great influence on the computing experience, but in fact Android Oreo more than that. Android Oreo also offers proven updates not available on previous versions of Android. Some of them are:

Background Limit

Battery life so side that is always enhanced by Android. Therefore, they embed a feature called Background Limits to minimize the needs of smartphone batteries.
We know the applications that run in the background so culprit wasteful smartphone battery. For that with this feature, applications that are not used within a certain time will be eradicated automatically. Indeed, this feature is not yet available on Android Nougat.

Notification option

Notifications or notifications are also one of the sections that Google pays attention to. On Android Oreo users can manage notifications like delaying non certification for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or two hours. In addition, users can also group notifications based on specific channels.
Not only that, users can also do a quick preview of notifications by holding the application icon. For other purposes, users will not miss the incoming notifications. Again this feature does not yet exist on Android Nougat.

Audio option

Android Oreo also provides updates on the audio side. On Android Oreo, developers are given special privileges to manage the audio of each app they create.

Not only that, see some smartphones start to leave the audio jack, for the first time Android equip their operating system with Qualcomm apTx, so that users can be spoiled with high quality Bluetooth audio.

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