Telkomsel WiFi Package | Internet User Solutions With Big Quota

Telkomsel WiFi Package | Internet User Solutions With Big Quota

Along with the development of telecommunication technology, devices and networks also grew rapidly. Smartphones in circulation now have a sophisticated specification that allows owners to enjoy various services through the application. What is needed by the customer is the bigger quota in order to more freely utilize internet access.
Telkomsel has launched a new program with a larger quota through Telkomsel Wifi. If customers do not want their Flash Package Quotas consumed while using Telkomsel WiFi, customers can purchase WiFi packages and only be consumed when customers connect with Telkomsel WiFi network at very affordable rates.
Sumbagut Regional General Manager of Sales, Jackson Sihombing said, now the quota package becomes an important part for mobile users.
Telkomsel is aware of the needs of customers who want a larger quota with a more stable access so as to bring one innovation, namely Telkomsel WiFi.
This is a combination of Telkomsel service with WiFi network that has been installed in public hub centers.
The flashzone-seamless wifi package is the latest technology from Telkomsel that utilizes Telkom's wifi network as an additional cellular network to support data services.
Currently, these network services are almost always available in all malls in Indonesia, campuses, public facilities such as stations and airports and even cafes where people usually hang around.
Network services to facilitate customers in surfing in the middle of crowded people in the public area. Telkomsel WiFi will not consume quotas of customer Flash packets.
Customers can purchase WiFi packages, which are available daily, weekly and monthly. Currently, Telkomsel provides additional quota promos for every purchase of any WiFi package.
For daily Wifi, subscribers only pay Rp 5,000 to be able to enjoy 5GB quota all day. As for the weekly package only Rp 15.000 to 15 GB. And that is not less interesting is the affordable monthly package, which is Rp 45 thousand to 50 GB.
The way to buy this package is also quite easy, ie customers only need to install WiFi Telkomsel app that can be downloaded via Play Store for Android OS and Apple Store on iOS.
Furthermore, customers only need to verify and activate using their mobile number. Next, just select the desired package on the package purchase icon. Available quota is consumed only when the customer is connected to Telkomsel WiFi network.
One important feature of Telkomsel WiFi is the secure connection available on its services. Telkomsel guarantees data security when using this service. While the network to be enjoyed by customers, is the best available in a location.
With Telkomsel WiFi package, then customers can surf in the virtual world, whether for browsing, enjoying social media, or download. (rail / OB1)

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