Smartphone Infinix Zero 5 Released, Usung RAM 6 GB and Dual Camera

Infinix Zero 5, Usung RAM 6 GB and Dual Camera

Infinix smart phone manufacturer launched its latest ammunition, Zero 5. This latest flagship has an advantage in the camera and equipped with 6 GB of RAM.

Transsion Holdings brand Infinix, as promised, has unveiled its Zero 5 smartphone for the Indian market. The all-new Infinix Zero 5 sports dual rear cameras with support for optical zoom and portrait mode. There's an octa-core processor powering the device while it packs 6GB of RAM. The company has also unveiled Infinix Zero 5 Pro which is identical to the Infinix Zero 5 with just one major difference.

had a chance to be present when Zero 5 was officially introduced in Zero 5 Global Launch Event on Tuesday (14/11/2017) at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

"We believe this is the most competitive smartphone in the segment of 6 GB of RAM plus optical zoom.We designed this phone to meet the needs of the market because we understand the local demand in Indonesia, they want the battery and the larger screen due to the high intensity of use," said Benjamin Jiang as CEO of Infinix Mobility, at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday (11/14/2017).

Talk to the specification, Infinix Zero 5 equipped with front camera capability of 16 MP plus flash and Multi-frame noise reduction technology for the results of the optimal selfie in low light conditions.

While the rear camera brings dual 12 MP camera and 13 MP capable 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. The Infinix Zero 5 features a 5.98-inch full-HD 2.5D curved glass display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection

To support user mobility, this flagship is equipped with MediaTek octa core processor equipped with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory.

Infinix Zero 5 battery capacity reaches 4,350 mAh, so it has a long enough endurance for the users. Not to forget also fast charging technology make charging lasted short.

Later this phone will be officially entered into Indonesia ranged at the end of the year, as a sweet gifts before the turn of the year and of course at an affordable price.

"For those who have never tried Infinix this is the time because with the specifications and quality design and especially the results of the camera, it can be sure baseball will be deh pretty affordable and certainly following the trend," said Eko Susanto Country Marketing Manager Infinix Indonesia. (fyk / fyk)

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