It's the Advantages of Using the Simpati 4G LTE Internet Package!

It's the Advantages of Using the Simpati 4G LTE Internet Package!

Telkomsel became the first GSM operator in Indonesia to develop the 4G network to the country. Telkomsel, through its GSM operators, such as Simpati, Kartu As, Loop, and Kartu Halo prepare various interesting offers to attract customers to join the fastest internet network today.
Although the price of Simpati 4G LTE internet package is still relatively expensive, it can be said the number of users continues to rise. It must be acknowledged that Telkomsel has the best Sympathy package with the strongest 4G LTE network that users can enjoy in most of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Bali.
So, what are the benefits that users can enjoy from Telkomsel's 4G LTE service?

1. Data rate reaches 36 Mbps

If there is one of the most dominant advantages that users of the new 3G connection can instantly switch to 4G is data speed when browsing or streaming. Compared to 3G, Sympathy 4G internet package generally has data rates up to 36 Mbps. With this huge download speed, users will be more comfortable watching videos on YouTube or downloading content on the internet.
The process of adaptation of 4G LTE network was much faster than its predecessor.Thanks to government regulation, mobile operators must help each other so that all can develop a 4G network. That is, if one operator has supported 4G LTE connection, other operators can be sure to immediately operate the connection, although in the end there is a difference in terms of signal coverage.

2. Telkomsel's widest 4G range in Indonesia

Telkomsel's LTE 4G service is installed in 900 MHz frequency with 5 MHz bandwidth.With these frequencies, Telkomsel's 4G service has great transmit power that enables signal penetration to reach buildings and homes in urban areas and beyond urban areas.In the early stages of development, Telkomsel installed 200 BTS 4G for Jakarta and Bali.BTSs installed in both areas are designed to be able to transmit signals to all detected locations using a large data service.
Telkomsel targets 4G LTE to cover 22 provinces in Indonesia by 2019. To realize the target, Telkomsel is working with telecommunication operators Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. Cooperation is primarily created for the realization of Seamless 4G connections, in order to still be enjoyed by customers who visit the three countries.

3. Bundling devices with many bonuses

When introducing 4G LTE, Telkomsel offers smartphone device bundling with Simpati internet package which also has a variety of exciting bonuses and surprises. For this program, Telkomsel took a number of leading smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, and Advan. Some of the bonuses included in this bundling program include cashback, quota bonus, and movie streaming access in Moovigo.

How to Enable Telkomsel's LTE 4G Service

As an internet user, you certainly need a fast and secure connection. The current 4G LTE quota can already be enjoyed on every purchase of Telkomsel's starter pack. However, often people who find their 4G quota intact, while their 3G quota is already in use. This may be caused by the connectivity settings on the phone is still 3G preferred.
To fix this, you simply replace the mobile network with LTE mode. In addition, the area of ​​residential areas that have not reached the 4G signal is another cause of 4G quota on your phone is still intact. You can go to an area that has a strong 4G signal or replace your Telkomsel SIM card in order to support the LTE 4G network.
In addition to directly replace the card in GraPARI Telkomsel, you can also enable 4G LTE connection with PIN obtained from the old SIM card. Before enabling Telkomsel LTE 4G connection, make sure your phone has enough quota for upgrade. You can buy Simpati internet package at Traveloka to be more practical and save time.
After getting enough internet quota from Traveloka, call * 888 * 46 # then select the option "Can Token / PIN". Next, you can enter your Telkomsel 4G upgrade card number and type "Yes" to agree to the next process. If you have completed these steps, you can wait a few minutes to get confirmation of the card upgrade status.

Choice of Symptom 4G LTE Internet Package

Sympathy offers a number of affordable internet packages and exciting bonuses to spoil its customers. All current rates and data packages can still be used on the 4G LTE internet network. So, customers need not be afraid there is a special rate for 4G data packets.
Some Simpati internet package option, among them:
  • Simpati Flash 12GB Rp140.000: 6GB internet + 6GB 4G and midnight + 2GB VideoMax (validity 30 days)
  • Simpati Flash 16GB Rp160.000: 8GB internet + quota 4G and midnight 8GB + VideoMax 2GB (validity 30 days)
  • Simpati Flash 25GB Rp230,000: 15GB internet + 10GB midnight and 4G + 2GB VideoMax (validity 30 days)
  • 5GB Combo Rp90.000: 2GB internet + 5GB 4G and midnight + 2GB VideoMax (validity 30 days).
As the largest cellular operator in Indonesia, Telkomsel continues to improve customer in all corners of Indonesia to enjoy fast 4G LTE internet service by the end of 2017. Telkomsel also has a target to expand its network to South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia , Singapore, Malaysia and Australia . Hopefully everything can be realized, yes!

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