How To Neutralize Ulcer Without Chemical Drugs

Ulcer disease is the most common disease in Indonesia. No wonder if many of us have ulcers due to a less regular diet. Maag is a disease that must be taken care not to interfere with your daily activities.

Ulcer disease or stomach ulcers is a symptom of a pain attack that attacks the stomach due to injury so it can cause pain. The pain is different in each person. Some feel pain like a stomach twisted, but the worst person can fall unconscious.

The cause of the ulcer is due to a diet that is less regular or when someone is late to eat then when he eats, the portion of the meal is too much. stomach is a symptom of disease that attacks the stomach due to injury or inflammation of the stomach that causes pain. The condition of stomach ulcer patients is very acidic, because the production of stomach acid (HCI) is too much.

Usually Maag is also caused by the patient has an irregular diet or other causes. Maag can also occur if the patient is late, then when eating the ulcer sufferer to eat too much. For patients who have severe ulcer, the gastritis ulcer is very dangerous and can cause death. Maag can be cured but can not recover completely.

Maag is a "relapse" disease if the patient does not eat regularly, overeating or other causes. But ulcers can also be prevented by eating regularly, eating moderately. For how to cope with ulcer disease without drugs is not always by taking medicine from a doctor. In a natural way that uses herbal ingredients that can be trusted for how to neutralize ulcers without chemical drugs include:

1. Temulawak
Ulcer disease can interfere with daily activities, even not infrequently make the body become weak. There is an easy way to overcome the ulcer. In Indonesia the only part that is utilized is rhizome temu lawak to made herbal godog. This rhizome contains 48-59,64% starch, 1,6-2,2% curcumin and 1,48-1,63% of essential oil and is believed to improve kidney activity and anti inflammation. Other benefits of this plant rhizomes are as an acne remedy, increase appetite, anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, anemia, antioxidants, cancer prevention, antimicrobials and can primarily treat ulcers.

The content contained in temulawak such as, essential oils and curcumin contained in this plant rimpang useful as acnevulgaris, as well as anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) that can cure ulcer disease. How to mix temulawak to be made into ulcer drugs. Take 1 fruit or lebuh temulawak and 1 fruit or more temulawak nice, wash with clean water then sliced ​​thin 1 cm and drying until 11 pm. Try not to be more than 11 o'clock, if the excess drying the content and its benefits will be slightly reduced, after in the drying from the dust and dirty dirt on the temulawak then brewed with hot water. Temulawak which in brew better than boiled, and a minimum of boiled water of ginger every day insyaallah heartburn can be reduced.

2. Turmeric and Honey
In addition to turmeric mixed turmeric and honey can also neutralize ulcers. Turmeric has many benefits that can help it in reducing stomach acid, because turmeric has a function as a produces in lowering high stomach acid, and besides it can also help in overcoming the infection on the mucous membrane and also can make the stomach will reduce the pain resulting from muscle spasm on the wall of the stomach. Take 2 old turmeric rhizome, peel and wash clean, then grate. Grated turmeric with turmeric as much as 100 ml. Let stand until warm then strain and mix with 1 tablespoon honey. Drink 2 times a day morning and evening before meals. Drinking regularly, then the ulcer will heal and the body looks more refreshed again.

How to neutralize ulcers without chemical drugs is to avoid what is the cause of the occurrence of ulcer disease is.

* Fried Food 
Fried food or foods that contain high fat usually causes heartburn often appear. Better start now avoid the foods that cause the occurrence of ulcer disease.

* Eating Irregularly And Tightly 
The cause of the ulcer is irregular eating and also eating late. If you often eat lunch but skip breakfast, and counting only 1 meal a day and just waiting when hungry it is also one of the causes of ulcer. Therefore, avoid eating late and eating irregularly into one way that can be done to prevent ulcers.

* Avoid Caffeine 
Caffeine is one of the drinks that can make us more calm, but if we are too often in consuming caffeine without eating rice, it will usually be the trigger of the occurrence of ulcer problems.

* Stress 
Stress that can lead to insanity if not overcome immediately. Stress medication is honey. Consume as long as the disease is still occurring in the natural, if not healed can also use drugs given to the doctor. The cause of stress is very diverse. Some are caused by households, employment problems and the economy. There are some diseases that initially from stress, the ulcer. So if you do not want to experience this, avoid and think positively always and solve problems quickly. stress that can be experienced by anyone from young to old age. And that's part of the causes of acute or chronic gastritis.

Alcoholic drinks have three different levels of different. there are high, medium and low. is not very good for people who consume it because it can make organs will be damaged, such as the stomach. This is where the causes of acute and chronic gastritis occur.other than that the kidney will be problematic as well. Be careful of drinks like this. for the first time to consume it, can lead to more headache and nausea. Stay away from this drink as quickly as possible, for those who are addicted, reduce little by little.

* Cigarettes 
Factors that cause acute ulcers are smoking. It is fitting for those of you who are active smokers, trying to stay away from cigarettes, because in addition to ulcers that occur, cancer also follow-up come to you.
For patients with ulcer disease should be advised to eat on time. Some medicinal drugs sold in the market can help to overcome the temporary ulcer, but this drug is only useful to neutralize stomach acid so that no stomach acid buildup in the stomach wall. If the ulcer disease is left alone, it will lead to chronic gastritis.

Chronic ulcer disease will eventually cause cancer problems in the stomach. And a health expert states that one that causes the emergence of gastric cancer is because initially sufferers experience acute maag problems. Heartburn is usually caused by gastric disease or injury that occurs in the stomach lining and also the twelve fingers.
The cause of one of the stomach ulcers is an infection caused by a bacterial attack. However, it can usually also be caused by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and the like.

A few reviews from us about how to neutralize ulcers without chemical drugs alias using herbal medicine. And thank you for visiting suhupedia , hopefully useful.

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