How to make Soto Betawi To Sooth and Sweet

How to make Soto Betawi To Sooth and Sweet

1.     Take one large medium-size cooking pot and give enough water (until all parts of the meat are submerged) and cook until the water is boiling.
2.     Enter the beef to be used after the water boils and cook for 5-7 minutes only.
3.     When the cooking process above will come out foam and dirt, take and remove. This is to replace the washing process and keep the meat fibers and prevent bacteria from entering the meat during the washing process.
4.     Remove and cut the half-cooked beef on top of the appetite or shape of the dice.
5.     Piss in the pan then replace with new water approximately 1 liter and boil more meat until almost tender and set aside.
6.     Blend various kinds of seasoning soto betawi that have been prepared before, such as onion, garlic, pecan, pepper, caraway, pepper, coriander, kencur and ginger until smooth. It should be smoothed by hand or diuleg so that the aroma will come out and smell more fragrant than blender.
7.     Prepare the skillet with medium heat and give oil to taste (approximately 2 tablespoons).
8.     Add the spicy soto recipe on top to the pan and stir the sauteed spices until done. Usually smell of fragrant kahs stir and then turn off.
9.     Enter the finely ground soup soto into a saucepan that contains a piece of meat and about 0.6 liters of broth and stir until all the spices mixed with soto sauce.
10.  Add the rest of the ingredients, such as polished lemongrass, orange leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, iodized salt, instant sugar, instant broth and lengkuas. Stir so that all the ingredients are properly mixed and cooked until the meat is really tender cow.
11.  After the cow's meat is tender, put low-fat liquid milk or coconut milk then stir back to boiling.
12.  Do not forget to taste first and add salt and sugar if necessary. Enter the celery leaves and the leaves and then remove them.
Done already how to make original soto betawi with milk or santannya. It is quite complicated when compared to recipes of chicken soup or other soto recipes. But the above hard work must be paid if we have tasted soto betawi recipe that we have made it. Especially when enjoyed when the weather again cold or when we are not feeling well. The content of spices and gravy from recipe soto betawi dish can provide new energy lho. Especially when enjoyed with emping, potato slices, tomato slices, sweet soy sauce and lime slices with a plate of warm white rice.

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