Here are 7 Tips to Stay Healthy at Age of Young or Young

Here are 7 Tips to Stay Healthy at Age of Young 

Companions, health tips. Teen age is a very pleasant golden age for those who have experienced it. A person can be more productive and do things at that age. Working every day or traveling anywhere will not feel tired or tired quickly. They seemed very little concerned about the health of the body he has. Bad habits seem to be commonplace for teenagers today.From now on care about your body. Then, what are the tips to stay healthy in adolescence or young .... ???

Most teenagers think that various diseases will come to attack them, if they are already in their old age. The assumption is actually wrong, because there are various diseases can threaten the body as a teenager though. Health tips this time will provide some tips stay healthy when someone stepped on the teenagers. Here are 7 tips to stay healthy in your teens or young:

1.             Stop Drying Body In The Sun. The morning sun is certainly very good for your bone health. However, do not get used to exposure to sunlight during the day without sunscreen. Because skin cancer can invade your body.

2.             Fill Your Calcium And Daily Vitamin D Diets. Both of these nutrients to prevent bone loss or osteoporosis that can affect teenagers. Source of vitamin D is the sunshine in the morning and various green vegetables.

3.             Consumption of Omega Fatty Acids 3. Stroke and other heart diseases in adolescence can be prevented by consuming various foods containing omega 3 fatty acids. Sources of omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, tuna and mackerel.

4.             Start a Healthy Activity. Healthy activity in question is diligent exercise regularly and stay away from various non-healthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. This is to prevent teenagers from various dangerous diseases that can affect his body.

5.             Exercise Your Brain. Type of exercise is good for brain health is to fill the crosswords and rajim read the various books that you like. This is to prevent Alzheimer's disease or premature senility that hit teenagers.

6.             Keep the Ideal Stay Weight. This is because, teenagers always consume a variety of foods regardless of weight gain. Overweight or obesity can trigger the body susceptible to various deadly diseases such as heart and others.

7.             Control Your Diet. Consuming a variety of foods that contain high calorie plus the lack of sufficient exercise activity, can adversely affect the quality of your body's health. Type 2 diabetes is a type of disease that can affect a teenager who does not control the diet and rarely exercise.

Thus health tips that review 7 tips to stay healthy in adolescence or young. Hopefully useful and useful for all readers. Source: healthcare, companion-health. Image courtesy of stockimages at

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