GAME THE LAST OF US PART II - After a long wait time riliesnya This phenomenal game of the century makes his fans can not wait anymore a second part of The Last Of Us Game, This game is famous if not wrong in 2013's because of the 3D effect it caused very captivating eyes who see it, no wonder this game became the best game back then. This game change the concept of all forms of games with the Movie version, so by playing this game you will be faced with a story line that is so annoying, because this one game as if life really, ranging from background, expansion area, waving grass and fresh wind make life atmosphere, so I value this Game Is the best lah.

The Last Os Us game is a zombie horror game. If we talk about one of the best Playstation exclusive games out there, then The Last of Us name seems to be on the list. Its strength from the visual side, character, story, and gameplay does make it not only appear as one of the fantastic survival horror games, but also become the standard for many competitors. Builder busyness - Naughty Dog completes and perfects Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has finally made the project handled only by a small team.Now, with the completion of Lost Legacy that managed to get a positive review in the media and gamers, they began to move to complete The Last of Us Part II. In fact, a new trailer is finally shown!

Many gamers are likely to predict that new information related to The Last of Us Part II will be released Sony and Naughty Dog in the Playstation Experience later this year. But surprisingly, he appears as a closing trailer for Sony's press conference at Paris Games Week 2017. Coolest part? No one would have predicted that the released trailer was indeed connected with The Last of Us. They show a new set of characters that have never been shown before, as well as carrying such brutal content. Something is enough to make your view impossible to get distracted as a gamer.

The Last of Us II's new trailer looks brutal. Naughty Dog mentioned these characters will have an important role in the journey Joel and Ellie.

Although it is not clear who these people are, but Neil Druckmann - the brains behind this series have confirmed that they are new characters. Confirming that The Last of Us Part II is still about the journey of Joel and Ellie, they want to use this opportunity to introduce other new characters that will play a significant role in their journey. Druckmann believes there will be many theories and questions about who these characters are, or when they happen, or how they will fit into Joel and Ellie's story. He admitted interested in seeing what kind of theory emerged. He also mentioned that The Last of Us Part II was developed with Naerly Dog's latest iteration engine that allows them to achieve many new things from the visual side.

Speculation in today's strongest virtual world seems to direct the character of a muscular woman in this trailer as the mother of Ellie who is, never told in the first series

The Last of Us Part II itself has no definite release plan, other than the certainty that he will be one of the mainstay game of Sony and Playstation 4. Looks interesting in your eyes.

Seeing Ellie who has grown up but maintaining the brutality that is essential to survive in a world that is no longer humane enough to make fans of The Last of Us "craze" late last year. Appearing as an unpredictable announcement, Naughty Dog instantly catapulted a hype that was never predicted before.

But unfortunately, he then sank back. The fact that Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy of that time and Sony is busy with many other exclusive games that make this sequel series no longer talked about. A lot of speculation emerged, including a matter of release. But recent information believes that this Ellie adventure is likely to continue in 2019.

This source of information comes from the mouth of the composer who has done very well in the first series - Gustavo Santaolalla, who will also be back at The Last of Us Part II. In his latest interview with Argentina radio, Santaolalla publicly mentioned that this game may be completed in 2019. Although not yet certain, he admitted that the game project like this usually takes 2 years. He has been involved for the past year and will return to Los Angeles later to continue. The year 2019 is called Santaolla as a rational timeline as far as what he knows related to the progress of development so far.

Those of you who watched the new The Last of Us Part II trailer in the Paris Games Week 2017 event yesterday may be a little surprised. Surprised that Sony decided to use this event to share the latest content details for this highly anticipated game. Surprised that instead of showing the action of Joel and Ellie, he actually showed three new characters who claimed to have an important role, even speculation refer to it as a flashback of the action of Ellie's mother in the past. Surprised that unlike their trailer in the past, Naughty Dog did not hesitate to show a super brutal action here. This last part was the one that could provoke criticism from one of the media - Polygon, because it is considered excessive.

Jim Ryan - President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Sony said that they support whatever brought Naughty Dog to the main stage of Paris Games Week 2017. In an interview with the Telegraph, he asserted that Sony brought many different games in Media Showcase yesterday. Of all, The Last of Us was created by adults for adults. He is not even surprised if the age rating for this game ends with "18 years" in the future. Ryan mentions that there is a market for games like this, but Sony also provides games for lower age groups like Concrete Genie, for example.

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