Eliminate acne stone in short time

Eliminate acne stone in short time

Acne (acne vulgaris) is part of a skin disease caused by an excess of sebaceous glandular glands. Usually experienced by men and women at the beginning of puberty, but not a few they experience acne problems until adulthood. Therefore, here we will review how to get rid of acne stone easily using natural ingredients.

Characteristic of acne stone, when you experience it skin will feel sore face. The shape of the lump is quite large and hard.Dark red and filled with hardened white liquid.There are 2 types of acne, namely; regular acne and stones. Both have similarities in terms of causes, 
among others: increased growth of androgen levels in the skin, heredity, and personal condition of the person 
sufferers of illness (eg, stress, menstrual cycle, incorrect cosmetics, or living in areas with dirty air).
Medically, bacteria are the main cause of acne stone. These germs come in clogging the skin pores and causing your skin cells to die. Over time your oily skin will appear reddish at some point, that's the initial development of skin bacteria.

A powerful way to minimize stubborn acne

Begin by maintaining a healthy lifestyle , get used to eating nutritious foods, regular exercise, and adequate rest. This will help improve your body-to-body hygiene before stepping on natural or chemical ingredients.
Here are 4 natural ingredients to reduce acne quickly;
1. Warm water
Diligently compress the face with warm water to make the pores of the skin open face while helping drain 
acne-causing bacteria. Do it at bedtime.
2. Lemons
The content of vitamin C in the lemon fruit helps refresh the skin and helps remove dead skin cells. The way to use such a mask, split the lemon into 2 parts and rubbed into your face with acne slowly. Allow to dry and wash with warm water.
3. Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has a unique disinfectant and soothing properties and will not damage your skin. Clean the face first, apply on the pimple of your stone before bed. If your skin is sensitive, dilute tea tree oil with warm water.
4. Olive oil and castor
Point to moisturize your facial skin, actually its function more to face therapy. Way, wash your face to clean then apply with a fine massage on each facial skin.
- For dry skin size, drop 1: 9 (a drop of olive oil and 9 drops of water) 
- Normal skin, 2: 8 drops 
- Oily skin, 3: 7 drops
5. Aloe vera
Serves to refresh the skin and help rejuvenate it from dead skin cells. Peel the aloe vera, stick it on the surface of the acne face.
If the natural way to get rid of acne stone above is not maximal, try to direct control to a dermatologist to get diagnosis and advanced action using modern medicine. So, if useful do not forget to share.

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