Drinking lung cleaners for heavy smokers

Drinking lung cleaners for heavy smokers

Among ordinary people, soda is a lung cleanser for heavy smokers. Though it's just a myth, there has been no definite research on this subject. You yourself may have felt drinking ice soda mixed with milk without the intention of cleaning the lungs, because you just want a fresh drink thirst remover.
Once tired of the move, ice cream soda certainly gives you a tremendous pleasure in your throat. The sweetness of milk combined with the cold ice and soda makes you excited again.
But tenyata, a mixture of milk soda is not good for the health of the body.
Calcium content in milk and soda carbonate substances when put together will form the reaction of CaCO3 (Calcium-Carbonate) compounds.
Both can not be absorbed by the body and are difficult to dissolve with water in your body. If frequent this consumption, you can get kidney stone disease.
Moreover, you drink soda without any mixture, then the calcium in the teeth and bones will be eroded to balance the phosphorous acid in the soda and then removed from the body with calcium that has been eroded earlier. This will increase the risk of osteoporosis (bone loss).
So, you should not be too often your consumption of soft drinks for reasons above.Because smoking is very dangerous for the lungs and so one of the main causes of cancer, asthma and bronchitis.
There is a healthy natural drink for acute smokers and certainly not a myth. Some medical experts recommend consumption of this drink because without chemicals, this can reduce the negative effects of smoking.

Here's how to make a natural drink for your lungs

  • 1 segment of ginger small size
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric powder
  • 400 gr of garlic, peeled and chopped
  • 1 liter of water
  • 400 grams of brown sugar
Pour water in a medium-sized pan, heat over the stove. Add sugar to it. After the water is really hot (boil) add some other ingredients. Wait 5 minutes, lift, and let stand cool.Prepare bottles or glass jars, put the blend with filtered first. Do not forget close the meeting.
Put in the refrigerator, if you do not have a refrigerator, let it put in open space with good air circulation. Above the dining table for example.
Tips: The smell of this drink is quite stinging, to reduce odor (Javanese term: wengur) You can add lemon lime. Mix it by squeezing the juice.
Terms of use:
Take 2 teaspoons of this drink every morning when the stomach is empty. Good again after waking up, try drinking water first. And 2 tablespoons at night after a big meal or before bed.
According to my personal, natural drink ingredients cleansing smoke in this lung including herbal remedies. Most likely your health is more awake because consuming it according to the rules.
Ease again, you can make your own by looking at the recipe above. Keep your health, and if useful, if you can share it for everyone.

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