Bubur Sumsum Recipe and Tips to Make It Softer

Bubur Sumsum Recipe and Tips to Make It Softer

Pepper Porridge Recipes and Tips - Porridge is one of the slurry that has a clean white color that comes from Java. It has a soft texture and tastes good to make por sum sum in the likes of many people. Savory porridge made of rice flour and coconut milk, with the mixed legitnya thick brown sugar sauce and fragrant pandanus, who dare to refuse it?
I am also one fan of porridge from small. If in Java (Purwokerto Banyumas), this marrow porridge is sold in traditional markets. With a fairly cheap price of only Rp 1000, - only. In addition to selling in the market, pulp sum sum is also often in the jajakan by mothers or mbah-mbah who sell around with the help of the tenggok (bamboo bamboo) so bun.
Porridge of Candil Mutiara Complete

In addition to selling the sum-sum pulp, usually the seller also serves porridge gempol often called jenang gempol. So good and tasty porridge, other than popular in Indonesia, this porridge is also famous up to neighboring countries. Like Malaysia, Singapore, even to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Generally, this sum-sum pulp is introduced to the people of that country by Indonesian women working in the country.Wow, it's amazing that this sum sum is okay.

How to make a marrow porridge is actually very easy and practical. But if we are not careful the processed porridge we make can clot and bergirindil or even become too dense. Though not characteristic of the pulp sum sum itself is a soft porridge that can caress the tongue. Like processed recipe Wedang Kembang Kahu Ginger that some time ago I share.
Well to get a good sum of summum, soft and not eneg at meal time. I admin from Resephariini.com will share the key to success or Tips to Make Porridge Pumes that you need to know for the results super soft and endes. Here are tips, let's see 🙂

Tips to Make Porridge Soup Not To Clump Delicate and Soft:

  1. The first tip is to use fresh coconut milk a little thick to make this sum summum so that the results are tasty, smooth, shiny and tasty. Minimum use of the comparison of 100 grams of rice flour, and 650 milli liters of coconut milk made from 1/2 grain of grated coconut. But if forced to no fresh pure milk, can use instant ready coconut milk that is diluted first with a little water so that the results are not eneg at the time of eating. Choose instant coconut milk with good quality yes bun. If I still like to use Bumas, it feels natural like a real coconut. Delicious!
  2. Actually, for recipe of genuine / original / classic porridge, the rice flour should be fresh. That is the new rice flour in milled, because if in Java a lot of flour mills in the markets or in individuals. But if there is no fresh rice flour, can use rice flour packaging is not a problem. But the mother in demand choose or use a good flour, so as not to smell the musty rice flour.
  3. To make it melted first rice flour with some coconut milk, do not directly pour directly flour on top of boiling coconut milk. Later the result can clot and make sure the result is lumpy and hard.
  4. Do not forget when cooking this porridge should be kept in stir until thickened, burst and really tanak (cooked and not smell of flour).
  5. Also add the pandan leaves in the sum sum slurry, aiming to make the porridge more delicious and fragrant pandanus tempting.
  6. Then do not forget to put salt ya bun into a snack or a sweet snack though, though just a fingertip. Let sweet savory.
  7. Keep the gravy soup or red sugar sauce more delicious and flavorful, do not forget to add pandan leaves and cinnamon, surely endesss deh sauce and certainly more delicious and delicious.

Well that's a little explanation about the sum summum and Success Tips for the results are tasty and soft. The following ingredients and How to Make Porridge of cinnamon aroma must be tried.

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