8 Advanced Apps on Android that Not on iPhone

8 Advanced Apps on Android that Not on iPhone

 just any Android users who try to make iPhone users look left behind. Speaking of lags, as the platform that brings open source , Android is more easily developed so fast developing.
There are just any Android users who try to make iPhone users look left behind. 
Speaking of lags, as the platform that bringsopen source , Android is more 
easily developed so fast developing.
Not only proves the glory through the many vendors who mengadaptasinya, 
Android is also superior in the number of applications .
 In fact, there are many Android apps that are guaranteed to make iPhone users jealous!

Missing Android Apps on iPhone

Millions of free Android apps you can get easily in the Google Play Store .
Even if paid, you can buy it easily using the pulse.
Unfortunately the following Android app is not on the iPhone!

1. Cashtree: Share for the Prize Continues

Initially Cashtree is known as a free toll-free application.
 But now the best smartphone screen smartphone app can give you smartphones, 
power banks and lots of free gifts! Gokil, right?

Simply install Cahstree, keep the key open and follow the events that take 
place to collect the cash point , and exchange it with a reward .
 No play around, there are many exciting rewards that you can redeem in Cashtree.

2. FooView - Float Viewer

Light application measuring 4.9 MB this will make Android smartphone so super
 sophisticated. Because only by installing FooView - Float Viewer , 
you can easily do multitasking , screenshot without pressing the button , 
translating web pages, and many other functions.

Well, in the iPhone this app is not there loh. Read the full feature FooView offers on
 How to Use Android with One Button article.

3. DroidLock

IPhone users can be proud because it has a sophisticated smartphone equipped 
with fingerprint sensors . But remember, the fingerprint sensor is now easily broken 
into . But if using PIN, must kesel because there are often friends who are ngintip, 
so have to change PIN frequently. Well, if you use Android, 
it does not apply deh thanks to DroidLock application.

By installing DroidLock on your Android, your smartphone PIN will 
alternate every time adjusting to the clock or date on your smartphone.
Sophisticated, right?

4. Google Sky Map

For you who like to see the stars , never curious what is the name of the constellation of stars you are viewing?Instead of confused about studying the constellation of the stars while opening the book, mending cobain install Google Sky Map on your Android.
Simply by pointing your camera camera to the sky ,
 the screen will display information about the constellation of 
the star you are viewing. Because developed by Google, the information is 
guaranteed complete and promising deh.

5. Light Flow

By using Light Flow application, then you can adjust the color displayed
 by your smartphone LED. No need to guess what messages come in, because 
with this application you can create a special LED color for 
BBM, WhatsApp, LINE, or other applications. Not only that, you can even customize
 the specific color for a particular contact.

6. AppLock Face / Voice Recognition

AppLock Face / Voice Recognition is an Android smartphone lock app that 
allows you to lock the screen only with voice or face recognition .
Guaranteed your Android will be safe from the hands idly deh kalo pake lock screen 
application on this one. Not just screen locks, but also can be used to lock apps

7. Opera Max

For you who like to browse , must install Opera Max on your Android.
 Because Opera Max equipped with the latest technology that will perform 
data compression browsing to 50% . The result is your quota so more durable 
when used browsing or streaming with Opera Max. So do not worry 
about running out of quota because often browsing or streaming deh.
More specifically, Opera Max only exists for Android users. With no browser 
application as cool as Opera Max, iPhone users have to spend a lot of money 
because the quota quickly run out for streaming and browsing deh.

8. ES File Explorer

If a lot of important data on your smartphone, then you must use 
a file manager application that is not only complete, but also promising security.
 Well, ES File Explorer will facilitate you in managing files and data backup , 
even up to the application. Not only that, this application 
is also equipped with data encryption feature .
That's 8 cool apps on Android, but not on the iPhone . 
Impact, if Android users use these applications in front of iPhone users, 
would iPhone users will feel envious deh!

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