5 Types of Malicious Scams that Attack WhatsApp Users

5 Types of Malicious Scams that Attack WhatsApp Users

Do you use WhatsApp as the main app in communicating on your favorite Android phone? In addition to rich features, the application is now widely used in Indonesia is also famous for its compatibility is okay in all platforms and types of HP.
But do you know that there are many irresponsible parties who use the famous name from WhatsApp to trick others and try to reap the benefits of them? Hence, through this important article we want to tell you all, 5 types of malicious fraud in the name of whatsapp .

5 Types of Harmful Scams that In the Name of WhatsApp

1. Fake Voicemail

Fake voicemail is one of the pitfalls created by hackers who want to retrieve valuable information from your smartphone. They send an email message that there is a voicemail via WhatsApp that you have not heard. To listen to it, you are prompted to press a Play button in the email. However, the button is apparently connected to a malware that can steal personal information and even lock your smartphone irresponsibly.

2. WhatsApp Gold Edition

Want to hang out and look elegant? On the internet WhatsApp WhatsApp MOD version named WhatsApp Gold Edition . WhatsApp is indeed golden, following additions such as a new emoji and a special background .However, he demands that you pay 40 dollars each month in order to continue using WhatsApp Gold Edition.It's useless.

3. WhatsApp's Spy

At Google , there are a lot of websites offering services to tap the account or chat WhatsApp from others. But the thing to remember is, among all these services, most of which are malware that is ready to steal personal data from your favorite smartphone. So that initially you want to know the personal information of others through the application tadap, eh instead your smartphone that hit the stone.

4. $ 500 Starbucks Gift Card

There is a scam that circulates on the Internet on behalf of Starbucks and he asks his readers to follow the survey. The actual false surveys come from the irresponsible parties trying to steal personal data, and the more variants of the day. There are on behalf of McDonalds, IKEA <H & M, KFC, 7-Eleven, to Zara . Beware!

5. Investment Fraud

At some time ago had circulated a form of fraud that attacks the user WhatsApp . The fraud contains an invitation to invest into a company called Avra Inc .. The message claims that every investor who deposits his money in Avra ​​will profit up to many times over. Unfortunately, the temptation is just a trick of a certain party.Scammers who are responsible for this fraud will deceive every investor and suck their money by playing with the value of the stock.
That's what he is 5 scams on behalf of WhatsApp you need to know. Through the following article we hope that all of you who use WhatsApp can be careful of the various scams in circulation. Share also your opinion through the comment field below yes.

Source: Emsisoft

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