5 Dangers of Using Pirated Windows Software

5 Dangers of Using Pirated Windows Software

Many PC users in Indonesia are still using pirated Windowssoftware . Just say hello deh, you one of them right? But you know, there's something terrible haunting your computer or laptThe reason, Microsoft in a study Dangers of Counterfeit Software Study 2013 revealed that pirated software is not 100% similar to the original software . Here it is 5 hazards of Usi

5 Dangers of Using Pirated Windows Software

1. So Place Malware Nest

breed-virusPirated software is a malware nesting place. Malware may easily place users at the risk of theft of information or other private and confidential data. Even the theft of bank account data will also be easily done by pirated Windows software .

2. Side Effects of Poor PC Performance and Function

pc-damagedThe use of pirated software also has a bad side effect on PC performance and functionality, whether for home or office use. Indeed the use of pirated software can save money for the short term. But in terms of PC security is not guaranteed.

3. Pirated Software Viruses Can Ruin, Freeze, and Eliminate Data

data-lostAs we know, there is nothing good about a virus. Viruses are created to destroy, even eliminate data that has been stored in a device. You need to be extra careful in using pirated Windows software. Who knows one day you can lose the data you have saved.

4. Developing Place of Virus Unbeknownst to Consumers

virus-breedUnbeknownst to you, viruses are easy to breed in pirated software that has very little security features. If you have this, you must optimize your PC / laptop with a powerful antivirus, not the abal-abal.

5. Most pirated Windows Software Does not Have Security Features

feature-security-the-lessYes his name is also pirated, want more? Buy original. Even if you still choose pirated Windows software , it's good you tighten your PC or laptop security with Antivirus topnotch (not abal-abal). You can download Antivirus on JalanTikus, many choices

The Rat Walk suggests that PC / laptop users use genuine Windows software instead of pirated ones. The advantage is that the original software works best with PC devices and users can also access updates to support PC security. So the security of your important personal data is also guaranteed.
In addition to the 5 dangers of using pirated Windows software above, do you think there is another danger that stalked users of pirated Windows software ? If so, write in the comment field below yes!

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