15 Latest and powerful features on Nougat Android OS

15 Latest and powerful features on Nougat Android OS

Advanced features on the Android operating system Nougat - after being introduced at the prestigious annual event held in california USA now google will be preparing to launch their latest Android OS that is N Android or Noughat stands that are more mature preparation because in it google insert some new features that have never been pinned on the OS android previous series, guess what will be carried on google on this latest OS we have prepared full information we have collected from PhoneArena.com if you are curious please check the information below.

1.     there is a new Emoji and the latest Unicode 9

simple features that have been added to the emoji sector inserted by google that there will be some addition emoji as the default feature of OS android N so messenger activity will be more fun and more noticeable with the latest emoji support and support Unicode 9.

2.     the availability of google Assistant

on N android you will get the latest features like Google Asisstant, a feature that can be practically similar to google now. It's just on Google's google Assistant feature is claimed to be more sophisticated and smarter because google insert chat room features are made specifically to ask so you can get answers in detail and personal.

3.     Clear all tab features in multitasking

This feature is actually not new because in certain smartphone brands you can easily wipe away all running applications and clean the tabs of applications that are running behind the screen, it's just possible on Android N this feature will look more simple and default. So we'll see what it will be like

4.     Instant Apps feature

With the availability of Instant App feature then you easily install the desired application without being directed first to some applications similar applications that you want to download in playstore. Steps like this aim to get closer developers with android smartphone users

5.     Update Seamless

If in the previous series android users must be busy with firmaware OS android OS update activities are quite time consuming enough to bother with having to reboot your android phone afterwards, now on Android N it will not happen again because it is filled seamelessly feature so that firmware update will run automatically behind the screen so that users do not need to be bothered with manual steps that are time-consuming.

6.     Interface for VR with new look

On your Android N as Android users are certainly familiar with Virtual reality technology more games and multimedia content that support with this technology, well on your Android N you will be presented with features that are so indulgent when using the VR feature on your N android smartphone that allows you to enjoy multimedia content with daydream features with visuals that are so real.

7.     Multiple Windows Features

The multitasking feature embedded in the samrtphone will be more attractive if you use it on your Android NOS Smartphone device because in this OS you will be presented with multi-windows features that are so sophisticated and easy to operate that make it easy to copy one file from one application to another with so easy just by pressing a few seconds of the Application icon and then slide towards the side of the screen then the application will be used in half-screen mode while you can still operate other applications uninterrupted, because other applications that walk you can see because windows on the smartphone will be like photo collage, cool is not it.

8.     Unified notifications

On Android N you will get a notification display that is quite simple and complete because every notification that appears will be present you can preview easily without interrupting other applications with two fingers swipe and the notification will appear.

9.     Direct Reply of the notification appears

Well in addition to the notifications that appear will be simpler and very easy to operate, on this Android N any notifications that appear will be your direct reply without moving to the application just by pressing the icon notification that appears and then reply to chat / messagge that come with the Quick reply button , this feature is similar to the latest Whatsapp feature.

10.   Overview multitasking

Just by pressing the Overview button twice then you can move to another application without having to close the running applications and can do the overview on other applications with ease, the latest feature on Android N is simple but it is believed will be very useful.

11.   Night mode

To efficiently absorb power, as we know the smartphone is more often used as well as the clock activities of its users, therefore the feature of Night mode on a device can be very important, well on Android N night mode will be activated automatically and the screen will be more dim so that the power absorbed and the radiation of the screen to the eyes can be minimized.

12.   Data Saver Feature

Data saver feature on Android N is increasingly updated with the ability to limit unnecessary data usage so that its usage will be more efficient data saver feature on Android N works by limiting or even blocking data usage by some apps running behind the screen. Or even feature a data saver on Android N is able to reduce the size of video streaming bit or reduce the quality of images downloaded or appear on the browser so that the use of data will be more efficient. Even you can set up any application that is allowed to not be touched by the data saver feature.

13.   File manager features are more organized

In this latest series Google brings significant feature improvements such as the file manager application that offers easy settings of various files and data so that the activity of sharing files or organizing the folder more neatly arranged. File manager features can be accessed easily on the menu click Ekxplorer storage.

14.   power efficiency

if on the Android Marshmallow series the power saving feature works by disabling the screen or the screen is in stand by condition on Android N of course it is further improved by optimizing the doze mode feature on each application running on the background of the screen so that the power saving feature keeps running without disturbing the performance each running app.

15.   ScreenZoom feature

You will be presented with interesting features by google on this new OS because the Screen Zoom feature allows you to enlarge a picture or object at a certain point on the screen as well as when you use to zooming view photos on a photo digallery nah this time Zooming can be done on the display screen anywhere, this feature aims to users with special vision needs are still able to operate Android smartphone with ease.
Well that was the 15 advanced features of Android OS Noughat which will be pinned on the latest OS google, of course there are many new features that will be offered the google on this latest OS.of course we can not wait to launch Android N so soon can taste the sophistication of the latest features. The above information is collected from jalantikus.com and hopefully provide insight and information for you. thank you


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