10 WhatsApp Hidden Features is Unknown

10 WhatsApp Hidden Features is Unknown

Who would have thought, WhatsApp instant messaging application turned out to have a number of hidden features.Although called hidden, this feature is actually accessible to anyone if you know how.

Users can use it to make things easier, such as maintaining privacy, reducing data consumption, to storing conversations into text.

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Here are ten of some hidden features in WhatsApp, which KompasTekno summarized from various sources.

1. Hiding "Last Seen"
WhatsApp allows users to see each other's last online time. But if this is considered to interfere with privacy, you can hide the "last seen" sign.
How, select the Settings menu, then select the Account tab and Privacy.You'll find a bar marked "Last Seen". Select the tab, it will pop upanother option.
You just choose Everybody so everyone can see the "Last Seen", select My Contact so that only people in the contact book can see, or select Nobody so that no one can see the information.

2. Backup conversation
You can back up conversation data so that when you switch phones, all old conversations can be restored. The trick is easy.
On the settings menu or Settings, look for the tab marked Chat and Chat Backup. It contains settings for storing backups of embedded data into Google Drive.
Simply enter your Gmail account, and set the application to automatically backup in a certain time duration. Then all will run automatically

3. Save the conversation in text form
WhatsApp users can store their various conversations into text form.This is useful when you're a clean person and happy to keep various archived conversations.
How, open the chat tab you want to save in text form. Touch the three dots located at the top right, move on to the More bar and touch Email Chat option.
You can then choose whether to include various media in a conversation or just text. After selecting the e-mail will appear to send the conversation.

4. Block contacts
Often get spam messages from strangers? Just block it. WhatsApp does provide such features and can be accessed easily.
How, open the conversation with the intended person. Touch the dot menu at the top right and select the More tab. You will find the Block option among the menus that appear. Touch it, and blocking is complete.

5. Stop automatic downloading
Usually various photos and media submitted via WhatsApp will be automatically downloaded. This results in considerable power consumption, as well as the data packets.
You can change the settings so that all media received by your WhatsApp number is not automatically downloaded.

How, go to the Settings menu, and select Data Usage. Inside is a tab marked Media Auto Download that contains settings for the automatic download.

There are three tabs, namely When using mobile data , When connected on WiFi , or When roaming . On each tab can be selected any media that will be downloaded automatically or not downloaded at all.

6. The asterisk
You can give an asterisk to any conversation in WhatsApp. This sign is useful for keeping track of important information, such as your home address or phone number.
How, select the message you want to tag, touch and hold for a few seconds. A star will appear in the WhatsApp header , right beside the "delete" icon. Select the asterisk.
If you want to see messages that have been starred, you can simply touch the dot menu in the upper right corner. Next select the tab marked "Starred messages".
7. Hide read alerts
Every message sent and read will be marked with a blue check. If you do not want the other person to know the status of the message read or not, you can change it.
Go to Settings menu, then Accounts and Privacy. In it, precisely at the bottom, you'll find a tab reading Read Receipts. Uncheck the bar to disable it.

8. Bold and italic letters
WhatsApp can now display letters in bold , italic , and strike throughformats. You can do this by entering special characters before and after the word you want formatted.
To be bold, use an asterisk (*) between * the desired word *. If you want to make it skew, use underscore (_) between the desired word_, and if you want to make a strike through sentence, use the ~ ~ between ~ desired words ~. (Read: How to Make Letters in WhatsApp So Bold and Italic )

9. Flip friends in groups
WhatsApp has the feature of mentioning or "poking" a friend in the conversation group. Using this feature, users who are members of a group are guaranteed to be more alert when they are mentioned .

The reason, the feature will still force the system to issue a notification sound when the user is mentioned, although the conversation group was already created in silent mode (mute).
Previously, if a user mute a group, the system will not issue any notification sounds. So users often do not realize is being invited to speak in a group WhatsApp.

The mention feature can be used by affixing or suppressing the character "@" (without quotation marks). After typing the symbol "@" in the conversation column, a row of contact names in the group will be raised.

Users can type the desired contact name or choose one from the contact list generated by WhatsApp.

10. Reply to messages that have been drowned in the group
If you want to quote one of the messages in the group and reply to it, you must suppress the length of the message. The WhatsApp interface will bring up some icons to act.
One of them, located at the far left, is an arrow icon. You simply press it once, then WhatsApp will automatically quote the message you want to comment on.

After writing a comment, send that message. Group members will understand that you are replying to a specific chat made by one person.(Read: How to Answer a Drowning Message in WhatsApp Group )

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