2 How to Use Telkomsel VideoMax Quota Packages

2 How to Use Telkomsel's VideoMax Quota Packages

How to Use VideoMax Quota Telkomsel - Just yesterday Telkomsel website is subject to retas which it is a phrase users who say that Telkomsel Internet Package is not cheap alias expensive, however, because Telkomsel has a high priority so that issued a new breakthrough for the user setiannya with Package VideoMax Quota, With the advent of the package a lot of people are wondering what is max video quota, max video quota function, max video quota usage and how to use videomax quota? Well, for all these questions will haloponsel.com answer in a concise and clear.
What is Telkomsel's VideoMax quota? VideoMax Telkomsel is one of the superior services provided by Telkomsel provider to its users. In other words max video quota package is a program launched from Telkomsel company in order to prosper its loyal users in watching movies like Drama Asia, Hollywood and others. Because according to the above reviews about Telkomsel got hit, that this user always feel aggrieved with the price of internet quota package which is always expensive. For that please see more details What is video max below.

How to Use Max Telkomsel Video Package

Because in the sense that the package VideoMax quote is a renewal of the quota Hooq and VIU which is equally pointless to see or watch all the Movies around the world, for that there are several stages that you must do, as for the tutorial can see with as follows.

How to Enable VideoMax Quoat For Hooq Via UMB

Why do we first activate the use of VideoMax quota, because to watch movies Hooq (Boox Office, Hollywood, etc.) and movies VIU (Drama Asia, Bollywood, etc.) for free through the VideoMax quota package it must do this method, therefore yuk just see the way below.
  • First please you type * 123 # on the dial and immediately click OK / Call / Phone.
  • After that there are several options Menu and you simply select no.2 (Video Max)
  • Next out again the Menu options and here are the first 2 options VideoMax Hooq and the second VideoMax VIU and here you select the No.2 only.
  • After that there will be a message with the phrase "You will activate VideoMax VIU / 30hr (no additional fee), Agreed? and here please click no. 1 with the answer YES.
  • After that in performing the activation has been done you do, and to be more clear please see the picture below.

How To Use VideoMax Quota Through My Telkomsel App App
1. First you first download My Telkomsel App .
2. After that you please install the application on your android smartphone.
3. Then just open the application My Telkomsel App.
4. Then you select Menu on the app with the characteristic striped 3.
5. After that click on Package and exit some of the menu and here you choose Entertainment.
6. Next you just click Subscriptions.
7. Done, you are now successfully using VideoMax Quota Packages via My Telkomsel App. For more details please see the picture below.

That's what we can tell you about How to Use the Telkomsel VideoMax Kuoat Package and hopefully with these reviews it can benefit you and all of them. All of us and thank you.

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