This Fast Way to Learn English is Proven Successfully Without Course

This Fast Way to Learn English is Proven Successfully Without Course

Here are 9 quick way to learn English that make a beginner so skillful. If you want to succeed, you need to read and apply it.
If you search the internet, there are many ways to learn English quickly. Even with the title of a crazy and seductive article. Somebody wrote the secret proficiently in 1 day. Yes, one day he said can conjure foreign language skills so maknyus.
If you believe this, there may come a miracle. A magic that forces the brain to be brilliant until you can speak or speak in a single day.
It's just that you need to be aware of one thing: Everything Needs PROCESS. Can you imagine how a baby 1 month forced to walk? Or an unaccustomed body of yoga forced to perform an extreme style of yoga?Is it possible today to plant the seed and in one day hope to pick the fruit?
So, everything you want needs a process to get it. Also in learning a foreign language you need to be aware that Proficiency needs PROCESS.
Nothing is instant. Even instant stamped instant noodles need to be processed first to make them into ready-to-eat foods. You need to boil water first then boil the noodles. Yeah, anyway?
In addition to proceeding, this one thing is really important to know tips that make you proficient quickly.All the material is easy koq, as long as you know the best tips to conquer it. Even without courses or private tutoring, you can be proficient with 9 quick ways to learn English following.

1. Starting from the easiest material first. Do not ever be embarrassed if you later need to material level elementary.

Tips to learn English to quickly adept is starting from the easiest material

I'm already junior high / high school, can I get material like an elementary school student? From the alphabet, the vocabulary even reads fairy tales or children's stories. Idih, not level deh!
Eits, lest there be any thought of underestimating a basic matter huh. If you start from beginner level aka beginner, just accept it. Never lose confidence for having to take an elementary school book even though you've gede.
This most often makes a person fail. Shy start from beginner stage. And shame if you have to learn from the alphabet. Shy to read fairy tales or children's stories. Anyway, pengennya can but do not want to start from the beginner level.
Hopefully you're not one of those shy groups huh.
Try occasionally going to the import bookstore, Periplus for example. English books for Primary Schoolstudents usually start with a fairly high level. Maybe it's because overseas standards (eg Singapore) are higher than in Indonesia.
Early teaching at SD National Plus whose students are expatriates, I was amazed with the book that is used the import book from Singapore ( My Pals are Here ). Yes, indeed most of the students there daily use English, so the book is right for them.
So start with basic material first. For example for English tenses can be started with Simple Present Tense. Even elementary materials should not be a problem. Knowing the alphabet can greatly improve your speaking skills. The vocabulary of hearing / reading children's stories will make your knowledge and skills improve greatly.
Always keep this in mind: the beginner level is not a shame. All experts start from this level. At this level your spirit will be tested. Will you win and salute or lose and smile wryly?

2. Do not memapalkan vocabulary. Why??? This is the reason and what you should do.

There is a love of how to quickly learn English by memorizing some even dozens of vocabulary every day.Hm ... effective not ya ??? According to my experience while learning a foreign language, what should be done is not memorizing vocabulary.
You will never be fluent in English if you just memorize vocabulary. Why???
Try this answer. What do you need during a conversation? Vocabulary, phrase or phrase?
When you have a dialogue with someone, like a bule, all you need is a sentence. Yes, it may sometimes need a phrase or vocabulary. Just sometimes. For beginners of course we learn simple sentences such as Simple Present Tense sentence.
Is memorizing vocabulary wrong ??? Eits, I did not say that way of learning is wrong. If the goal passes the test tomorrow, then maybe this is the quickest way. But if your goal is to be proficient in English, learning by memorizing vocabulary is not an effective way.
How donk ???
Use the vocabularies you learned to make simple sentences. Then practice to repeat the phrase over and over again.
Still not nangkep means ???
Okay, simple example gini. You've learned basic material like greetings, introductions, numbers. Also some adjectives such as handsome , beautiful , fat, slim .
Then learn about family like father, mother, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunty . Focus on some vocabulary first, then arrange simple sentences with these words.
For example:
  • I have a father. My father is fat.
  • I have a mother. My mother is slim.
  • I have two sisters. My first sister's name is ... My sisters are beautiful.
  • I have one brother. My brother's name is ... My brother is handsome.
This is just a simple example. If you can make sentences with more vocabulary, yes please. Just do not do it mostly because you will practice speaking without looking at the text. Again, you will practice speaking without text.
Therefore focus on some vocabulary only. Use the vocabulary in simple sentences. Then practice speaking without text. Not memorizing! But pronounce it by understanding the meaning of that sentence.

3. Do you hate grammar material? Oh, what a shame. Though this is one way to quickly learn English.

How to quickly learn English is to begin to make friends with English grammar for the spirit of learning
Is it true that grammar is of such importance? Oh, not important anymore. But very very important.Without grammar, your English is so chaotic.
Grammar or grammar has the same function in the Indonesian language. Can you imagine a language without grammar? Let more clearly we try to note this Indonesian sentence:
  1. My English years of study began then.
Can you understand that phrase? Like a random sentence, right? If the words we arrange in accordance with the appropriate Indonesian grammar to be:
  1. I started learning English last year.
Which is more easily understood, the first or second sentence? The first sentence that grammar "likes me" or the second sentence with the appropriate grammar?
So, you understand now why grammar aka grammar is very important to learn. You should learn to like grammar. Why? Because with good grammar, you will know how to communicate effectively.
Grow enthusiasm for grammar. Most beginners even hate grammar. Though understanding this basic material is one way to quickly learn English.

4. How to quickly learn English with Listening : Watch videos or movies, listen to audio, listen to songs. Anyway you should practice a lot to hear!

You like watching a Hollywood movie or a British movie? Well, the hobby of watching this movie can be used to quickly adept.
At first you can watch your favorite movie with subtitle to understand the story path. Then for the second time, you watch a movie without a subtitle. Put your ears well and try to understand what the characters in the film say.
If the film is Korean, Japanese or Thai, how? It can also be utilized lho. You just need to find a subtitle in English. Korean film is usually a lot of episodes tuh. Well, you only need to select one episode that you've ever seen. Then look for subtitle then watch and understand.
Or you like Youtube-an? Well, search for videos in English. Usually videos on Youtube rarely use Indonesian subtitle. So you can practice listening via video from Youtube.
More fond of listening to a song than watching a movie? This is a great way to improve your English skills quickly. Do not just enjoy the music alone. But understand what the singer is saying.
Listen to and understand the lyrics of the song. Repeat listening to it several times. Then write the song lyrics in English. Once the lyrics are complete, you can match the lyrics available on the internet.
That way you'll know what needs to be improved. Do it consistently by listening to other songs. The more often you do it, your ears will get used to English pronunciation.

5. How to quickly learn English with Reading : Read stories, articles or text out loud. The more you do it, the more your tongue gets used to it.

Do not imagine a thick book of Harry Potter ( English version ) for hundreds of pages if you are asked to read a book in English. Or imagine a package book or textbook that contains theory, grammar, structure and vocabulary. Oh No ... !!!
The English books referred to here are thin and illustrated English books . Yes, you need a story book .Read a story book or article whose vocabulary matches your ability. A bit higher, no koq problem.
Like kindergarten children, read picture books. Eits, do not be negative first. Learning with pictorial story media gives you great benefits. Do you know by reading picture books you remember more with the vocabulary that is in it. At the same time, this method can improve the reading skill alias read quickly because according to your ability.
If reading a picture book is not a challenging thing, try reading a short story. Yep, short stories with no pictures or novels for children or teenagers. Read it aloud. So loud enough that you can hear your voice well.
How to quickly learn English related to reading is to be an active reader aka An Active Reader . What ???Active readers, what do you mean?
Notice the words in the story or article. Note the wording and grammar grammar used in the story or article. Start analyzing. This is what is called an active reader.
Perform reading activities consistently, for example 30 minutes per day. If you mean it, in a month you will see a significant improvement.

6. How to quickly learn English with Speaking . Thinking and speaking in a foreign language can give amazing results.

The fastest way to learn English is to think and speak in this foreign language. The practice of speaking or speaking is probably a commonplace. Ordinary. What about "thinking in English" ???
Ever talked in this foreign language ??? Conscious or not, when chatting we often translate, either from England to Indonesia or vice versa. This "translation" method is less effective to improve your skills.
In fact, you become a messenger want to translate in order to understand. In addition, your response is so long. Why? Because you have to translate first, just respond. This method makes you stiff and less natural. How do you donk?
Think in English.
Yep, you need to practice to think in a foreign language. This will make your brain accustomed to processing something in a new language. Well, when chatting, your response becomes faster without having to translate.
How to think in a foreign language? Easy! You just need to take the time and train yourself to think in this language. In other words, give yourself time to get used to it. This is one really effective way to improve your skills.
7. How to quickly learn English with Writing . Write dairy, write poetry, write notes and write anything in this foreign language. 10 Minutes per day, is more than enough!

Write? Duh, I do not like writing!
Eits, wait a minute. Do not immediately think if writing in English is difficult and complicated. You should be acquainted with the name Creative Writing .
Creative Writing is a type of writing that is outside the provisions of journalism or scientific writing. You can write freely according to your imagination. What theme? Free.
Sometimes if dikasi free theme, so confused want to write what. Thinking over time, eh the edges are not so write. Do not let the tragic end like this. If you already committed commit, write it. No compromise.Write anything in the new language.
The easiest story written is a fun / sad experience today. Write in a diary. You like writing poetry? Let's be creative with the vocabulary you've learned.
How about grammar ?? Do not worry about grammar. What you clearly write what's on your head. After that new deh ngurusin grammar and spelling alias spelling. That's if your writing is finished already. Just write whatever you've learned. Even you can write using new vocabulary. This makes you remember the new vocabulary quickly.
How many pages nulisnya nulisnya ?? You do not have to write 5 pages a day. One paragraph of 100-200 words already enough koq. Or spend 10 minutes per day for writing practice. Believe me, this quick way to learn English will get you closer to your advanced goals quickly..

8. Build and maintain connections with competent people. How to quickly learn this English can deliver you to Caucasian friends.

For you who are still in school, you can take advantage of this golden opportunity. What is that? More familiar with the English teacher you have now. If necessary, often practice with the teacher. This is an effective way to improve your foreign language skills quickly.
Build a connection with a smart and willing to share knowledge. Join the club and find people who have similar interests with you. Save their phone number / hp and stay connected. That way you have a partner when you want to practice speaking with someone.
For you who have graduated from school, do not worry. There are many competent people out there that you can communicate with. You can even take a bule. If the way you start a conversation attracts attention, you could be a friend. Want to have a bule buddy?

Why learn English? What will you sacrifice to be proficient quickly?

One of the fastest ways to learn English is to increase your focus and always be self-motivated
Well this is the thing that should not be forgotten. In fact you have to do it before starting. Set one goal.Yup, set a goal!
Ask yourself why you are learning a foreign language. Dig the reasons that make you (or force you) to keep the spirit. Whether to enter the English department at the university, so guide , want to be entrepreneurs in the field of tourism. Want to have a friend or a Caucasian couple, or just prove to someone who belittles you.
Whatever your goal, set one up to be a motivation every time you have trouble. That goal can motivate you to wake up and keep moving when you're down .
This last tip is very essential . Desire from within. Pace yourself and your will to keep learning. A little coercion is sometimes necessary. Force yourself while looking for a strong reason and apply a strategic way.
See how important foreign languages ​​affect the lives of people in your neighborhood, especially those who are already working. Also ask yourself and answer honestly "Do I really want to learn English?" If you have realized that you have a desire, strengthen that desire.
All of that is a quick way to learn English that is easy to apply, but hard to realize. They will not work without a strong desire from within you. All back to how much you want. Also how hard your efforts, without spending high fees for courses or private lessons.

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