Prediction of 10 Technologies That Will Be the Most Advanced in the World

Prediction of 10 Technologies That Will Be the Most Advanced in the World

Prediction of 10 Technologies That Will Become the Most Advanced in the World , Technology is indeed difficult to predict, over time and increasingly growing also existing technology-exist in the world. had time to think, what will happen in the future?like we are today, maybe if the person who was in 1000 years it knows us then he pasting confused and amazed by the technology today. and just like us if we can look at the next 1000 years technology we will also be amazed to see it. Waallahualam, all happening because God, if the world will still live for 1000 years nanto most likely to happen a lot of amazing new technology later on.

Okay straight to the point gan, the following 10 Technologies That Will Become World's Most Advanced : 

1. Atomic Smart Machines, Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is any future technology that allows humans to manipulate super tiny particles that are nearly atomic in size! Nanometer itself is the size of 1 / a billion meters, or almost the thickness of the hair split 50,000.
That's the awesomeness of nanotechnology.
The goal is to create new materials of the future, even machines and robots the size of particles. The materials will be stronger than diamonds, super lightweight, heat and cold resistant with extreme scale, capable of conducting better electricity, more durable, environmentally friendly and so on.
The possibility of the application is really awesome and will change the whole world.Imagine if we could create new materials that are harder than diamonds, and much lighter than steel. (Carbon nanotubes, sp2 bond). We can create super strong skeletons for cars, airplanes, or buildings and bridges. With a lighter weight, all cars and aircraft will also be more energy efficient.
We can create anti-wrinkle and stain-resistant clothes. We can also create robotic-sized bacteria, nanobots, and insert them into the human body. Its function can be from curing diseases, destroying cancer cells, even strengthening the human body (Feynman, "Swallowing the Doctor"). Nanobots or even nanoparticles are estimated to also be able to re-close the ozone hole.
With nano-sized components, we can make supercomputers of matchboxes, and data storage media that hold millions of gigabytes of information about mankind and the rest of the universe, as big as a tip of a nail.
How can this technology be done? Because super-sophisticated microscopes that can see atoms have been around since 1981, Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM), and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM, 1986).
2. The Era of Super Men, Genetic Engineering

"Human genetic engineering has the potential to change human beings' apperance, adaptability, intelligence, character, and behavior. It may potentially be used in creating more dramatic changes in humans ".
Wikipedia Genetic Engineering.
Humans have successfully mapped their genes in the gigantic project "The Human Genome Project". With this data humans have a map of information to explore the function and potential of each gene in the human body. Starting from the genes that determine the physical form of humans, cancer-causing genes, the genes that make up memories, the genes that create intelligence, even the specific genes that regulate the aging process.
This will enable genetic engineering to create excellent future humans. Man with perfect health, free from illness, over 100 years old and has a genius approaching intelligence.
Imagine if humans find a special gene that makes Einstein a genius. Then the gene can be transferred to all humanity. Or the physical superiority of David Beckham, or even the charisma of John F. Kennedy.
But genetic engineering is not only for humans, but also for plants and animals. Genetic engineering can create new types of rice and wheat with multiple crops. We can also create more tender and tasty beef. We can even create plants and animal consumption with superior nutritional value.

3. The most powerful energy in the entire Universe, The Power of the Stars
energi kekal
"What would fusion mean? Endless, cheap energy. Amazing Star Trek, space travel possibilities. Fame, fortune, and undoubtedly a Nobel or two for the lucky scientist ".
The Observer, December 2000
The sun, every second of it, emits as much energy as all humanity has throughout its history. The giant hydrogen plasma energy is 380 Billion-Mega-Watt (380 ^ 26 MW), per second. This is the energy known as Nuclear Fusion energy, The power of the Sun.And the world's scientists are trying to get it.
And this is the energy that makes the giant stars in the universe burn for billions of years. The greatest energy, in the entire universe.
A large experiment is being conducted in the small town of Cadarache in the southern tip of France in a project called ITER. Here Deuterium and Tritium atoms are melted with heat reaching 150 million degrees Celsius, almost 10 times the heat of the Sun's core.The melting container is protected by a Tokamak magnetic field so it does not melt.
The great thing is that Deuterium can be produced from ordinary seawater, and Tritium is formed from Lithium that can be obtained from natural stone. The greatest energy in the entire universe of Water and Natural Stone.
If these scientists succeed in creating it, then the whole world will have a great new energy source in place of petroleum. This energy will be so great and efficient, unlimited, very cheap, and environmentally friendly.
(Note: the use of nanotechnology in solar photovoltaic cells, nanocrystal, is also said to have enormous energy potential that can replace petroleum).

4. Wolverine Regeneration, Stem Cell
wolverine keren

Imagine if heart disease and diabetes can be cured perfectly, the lame can walk, and the blind, can look back.
Have you ever seen a lizard, who can regrow his perfectly broken tail? Or if you're a fan of "X-Men" comic, you know the superhero character named Wolverine. When his body is pierced by a knife or pierced by a bullet, he can heal the wound almost instantly. It can regenerate all body cells perfectly, instantly.
But it was a fantasy. There is a type of worm called "planarian worm", which many live in the sea or river, which is able to regrow even almost all of its body.
Planarians, especially the mediterranean Schmidtea species, are able to regenerate whole body, even if only a small part of their body remains, up to 1/300 parts. And when his head is removed, he will regrow his head perfectly.
What if humans can do that later? If we can directly replace all our damaged and flawless body cells. Scientists have almost achieved that miracle. Molecular biology technology called Stem Cell, or Stem Cell. It is the most basic cell of the human body, which can be changed, or changed, into any cell or organ in the human body.
If you have heart disease, then the heart cell can be replaced with stem cells and your heart will function normally again. If you experience blindness, your retinal cells may be replaced with new cells from the stem cells and you will be able to see them again.
If you suffer from diseases related to brain function such as stroke, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, then your damaged brain cells, even the cerebral cortex brain tissue center, can be replaced with a stem cell. And if you have diabetes, stem cells will save you by regenerating insulin-producing pancreatic cells.
Stem Cell really brings a great revolution in the health of mankind.

5. Quantum Computer

Imagine a future computer, whose speed is thousands of times faster than today's fastest supercomputer. Thousands times faster and more efficiently than IBM "Roadrunner" at Los Alamos whose speed reaches 1.7 petaflops (1 petaflop = 10 ^ 15 operations per second).
This is the awesomeness of quantum computers. This computer is so powerful because it was created using the phenomena of the magic of the quantum world, Superposition and Quantum Entanglement.
In code-breaking (eg cryptography), to decode up to 140 digits, a regular computer would take billions of years to crack it. But with a quantum computer, it can be solved in just a few short minutes.
With this computer humans will also be able to predict the weather on earth and other highly complex natural phenomena very precisely months before, such as earthquakes and tornadoes. And of course this will further revolutionize the speed of development of all the advanced technology that exists today.

6. Cloak Disappears Harry Potter, Metamaterial
pakaiaan tembus pandang

"The announcement last November of an" invisibility shield, "created by David R. Smith of Duke University and colleagues, inevitably set the media buzzing with talk of HG Wells 's invisible man and Star Trek' s Romulans.
MIT Technology Review
Only a few years ago, all the world's leading scientists are still convinced that there is no material in the world that can make people disappear. That is absolutely impossible, because it violates all the laws of nature known to man. But they are all wrong ..
Metamaterial, being one of the most talked-about materials. This material could create something, to become invisible. A suit that uses this technology can make the wearer "disappear", like a magic cloak in "Harry Potter".
A fighter with metamaterial material will be invisible, not just invisible radar like "Stealth" technology, but it really does not look like a cloaking device in Star Trek.
This can be done for example by creating an artificial material capable of deflecting electromagnetic radiation, as well as light, which is essentially electromagnetic radiation.The material can be like tin and plastic arranged in a certain pattern structure.
The metamaterial will bend light, surround the object it covers and reassemble at its end, like the river water surrounding a rock. In a recent study at Perdue University they used special needles that would bend light beyond the enclosed object while the object behind it would be visible.
This material is being studied throughout the world including at MIT, University of California Berkeley, Duke University, and Caltech in LA.

7. Space Elevator, Ladder to the Stars
tangga menuju bintang

Space elevators are like very high lifts from Earth to orbit earth in outer space, 35,000 kilometers high. With these lifts the journey into earth orbit will become easier, and cheaper.
Many people hope, that the space program that had stopped until the moon because it is very expensive, will be started again. And maybe a human dream to go to Mars, will come true.
This elevator was originally just a fantasy, but apparently with the discovery of a new technology, it becomes very possible embodied. The technology is Carbon nanotubes, a new material that is said to be stronger than diamond and lighter than steel.
This will allow the start of a new era in space exploration.

8. Entering Hyper-Sonic Era, Scramjet
jet tercepat

Scramjet will be one of the greatest revolutions in the history of world transportation.The world's most advanced fighter aircraft now, the American F / A-22 Raptor has a maximum speed of Mach 2, or 2 times the speed of sound. The Scramjet passenger aircraft will take you at 10 times the speed of sound, Mach 10.
The flight from New York to Tokyo which is now taken within a long 18 hours long and tiring, will be taken Scramjet, in just 120 minutes.
Scramjet does not need expensive and heavy rocket fuel, its fuel uses liquid hydrogen mixed with the air-breathing scramjet engine. Burning hydrogen and oxygen at supersonic speed is what will accelerate.
This will make the flight from one place to another around the world to be super fast.

9. Fountain Of Youth, Resveratrol
Maybe, later we can find something that allows us to live hundreds of years. But scientists may have discovered it, something called "Sirtuin", Silent Information Regulator 2 (Sir2) proteins and resveratrol, an antioxidant substance that is found mostly in red grapes (So eat grapes often.)
But scientists have also created something even stronger than resveratrol that is a drug with code, SRT1720.
"SRT1720 is a thousand times more potent than resveratrol, meaning that it could be taken in smaller doses. A person would have to drink of the wine from resveratrol.Resveratrol will be pretty soon look like ancient technology, "
David Sinclair, a biologist at Harvard Medical School

10. Singularity

Someday, there will come a time when through genetic engineering all human beings will have almost perfect physical and intelligence.
Then with advances in computer technology, quantum computers and nanotechnology allowed humans to insert Quantum Computer-sized particles into their brains and use nanoparticles to further strengthen their bodies. This is a thing called Singularity. The unification of human biology with technology.
So about the technology article Prediction 10 Technology That Will Become the Most Advanced in the World may be useful.

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