Newest and Most Advanced Computer Technology That Eases People

Newest and Most Advanced Computer Technology That Eases People

Computer Technology - Talking about the invention in the field of computers, with the passage of time his discoveries are also very unique and certainly very helpful human in doing various jobs.
Not only that, but the computer can also help reduce your working time. If you usually do something very long, then if we use the computer, we can do it more briefly.
Here is the latest computer technology you need to know:

Computer Technology - Biometric Sensor

teknologi biometric sensor
Biometric Sensor is the most recent technology that can be applied to our computer. The stakes of the advanced technology were created by one of the largest computer companies, Intel.
Biometric technology is similar to Apple technology that is currently used for credit card authorization purposes when we make payments using Pay Apple.
Biometric sensors are very useful to facilitate authorization on various sites. If you usually have to use a password or with a username in accessing the site, then by using a biometric sensor we can enter easily, practically and safely.

Computer Technology - Wireless Display

teknologi wireles display
Wireless Display is one of the most recent and sophisticated technologies initiated by Intel's largest computer company. If we use Wireless Display, then the computer or laptop does not need to be connected with the cable.
This technology can also make a computer or laptop can connect with other computers or laptops. And for you who often present something in public, of course this technology will be very helpful in that regard.
You do not need to install cable to present your work. We just use this technology, then you can easily present anything.

Computer Technology - Wireless Charging

teknologi wireless charging
Both come from Intel companies, wireless charging technology is also so sophisticated and certainly will help you.
If you usually have to stretch out the cable in your laptop battery charge, then now it is not necessary again when you have wireless charging. By using wireless charging, you will more easily fill your laptop battery without the hassle of using a cable.

Computer Technology - Interactive Computers

teknologi komputer interaktif
Interactive computing is a sophisticated technology from Intel companies. This type of computer is very sensitive to a visual as well as various input that we do. And later, this technology will be equipped with technology realsense intel 3D camera, which technology can be very sensitive even can set the distance between users with the sensor.

Computer Technology - Creative Desktop with Touch Mat

Creative Desktop dengan Touch Mat
Furthermore, the latest computer technology is Creative Desktop with Touch Mat. Which technology was created by a computer company called HP (Hewlett-Packard).
This technology is like a canvas that has been combined using a computer that is 3D tech kamara. This technology can allow users to scan the various objects contained in front of the computer, then manipulate it with the canvas was on the table.
For example, there is a cup that is in front of this computer, then the computer will scan the cup earlier. Once the image is inside the computer, you can manipulate the image as you wish by using the canvas in front of your computer.

Computer Technology - Virtual Keyboard

teknologi virtual keyboard
Advanced technology created by this Dell company, the principle works is to combine a PC all in one with smart desk. By using this technology, the user can type directly on the table.
Well, surely this technology will really help you not? Your fingers no longer need to hold a computer keyboard and will certainly be more agile in the move while typing.

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