6 Unique Tips to Brain Mind

6 Unique Tips to Brain Mind

Apparently there are also things "strange" that also restore the ability of the brain. What are they?

Some people may have forgotten an important meeting schedule or feeding schedule. However, if it happens repeatedly, it could be a sign of the ability of the brain has begun to weaken. That is, it takes several ways to restore and even strengthen the ability of the brain.

Improving the ability of the brain by filling cross-crossword or playing brain teasers may have often we hear, but it turns out there are also "weird" things that also restore the ability of the brain. What are they?

1. Take a shower while closing your eyes
Bath activity is quite difficult to do with eyes closed. To make it easier, you can prepare the first soap, shampoo, or other products around you. "In fact, doing something with the eyes closed is the fastest way to train focus and memory," said Ron White, the winner of the recall competition in the United States for the second time.

Active motion not only activates the cerebellum, the part of the brain that functions in the ability to think and guess, but also produces proteins that help nerve cells communicate more effectively.

"Dance is a social interaction that improves the function of nerve cells and helps the heart to pump oxygen and nutrients to brain cells," says Gary Small, director of Longevity Center at the University of California Los Angeles and author of The Alzheimer's Prevention Program.

3. Trying left-handed action
If you're not left-handed, try moving with your left hand, like writing or brushing your teeth, or vice versa if you're left-handed. This will make your brain "learn" to do new things.When using unusual hands for activity, more areas of the brain are activated to improve their ability.

4. Play pingpong (table tennis)
Playing pingpong will improve the coordination ability of eye and hand interaction.According to Daniel Amen, brain imaging researcher, it is important for us to improve this coordination ability because it will make it easier for the brain to know what to do.

5. Shopping
Although shopping will give "burden" to your pocket, but there are surprising benefits for the brain behind the activity. Small says you do a lot of physical activity and thoughts while shopping, you walk, meet people, make calculations. "Each activity will stimulate the parts of the brain to be more active," he explained.

However, you still have to limit spending money. Do not let your release buy items that are not needed to make you stress later.

6. Juggling
According to a study in 2013 published in the journal Nature, learning juggling can make some areas of the brain develop. "This is because the activity can train physical, pattern recognition, and spatial orientation that activates multiple areas at once in the brain," explained Sills.

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