10 Unique Tricks and Tips That Ease Your Daily Life

10 Unique Tricks and Tips That Ease Your Daily Life

In doing daily routine, we will always face activities that are often the same and keep repeating. Housewives every morning will always cook for a family breakfast, prepare the needs of children to school, to the day cleaning the house. 

Well, we are often annoyed when a trivial work was able to make us spend a lot of time in vain. Of course this will interfere with other tasks. We will be very helpful if there is a trick 'road rat' that can be used to simplify the task.

These ten simple and unique tricks and tips will make it easier for you to go through life.In fact, some tricks will create a new atmosphere and treat boredom doing daily routine.

1. Finding a small missing object

Use a vacuum cleaner to find small scattered objects, such as earrings. Just cover the mouth of the vacuum cleaner with stockings, and start looking. Check periodically whether the object you are looking for has been found.

2. Dry clothes quickly

If you do not have a drying machine and need quick dry clothes, here's what to do. Put a wet cloth that has been squeezed as far as possible to dry towels. The twist of the towel containing the wet clothes was as strong as the water to be absorbed. After that, hanging and drying clothes wear hanger.

3. Eliminate the smell of shoes

If your shoes are smelly, put a few dry teabag bags into the shoes to absorb the odor. If your shoes are not only smelly but also wet, fill the rice mixture with baking soda and leave for a few days. 

You can also eliminate the smell of shoes by using a clump of moist newspaper that is inserted into the shoe. Leave it for 1-2 days. If possible do while sunning shoes under the sun. For shoes that smell badly and you are still lazy to wash them, use this trick while replacing the newspaper several times until the smell disappears.

4. Overcome the small shoes

If your new shoe feels too tight, put in it as many clumps of wet newspapers can be stacked. Let until the newspaper dries and then remove the newspaper. Your shoes will be more loose.

Another way is to use a hair dryer. Put on some thick socks and wear your shoes. Panat shoes with a blow dryer until the shoe skin softens and feels loose. Be careful in this last way, do not use a hair dryer for too long or too close because the risk of damaging shoes. 

5. Make waterproof shoes

Turn your canvas shoes into waterproof shoes, all it takes is a beeswax and a dryer fan.Rub bees wax all over the surface of your shoe. Then, use the dryer to melt the beeswax until it seeps into the shoe and is invisible. Your shoes will now be waterproof.

6. Raises the speakerphone sound

Put your phone into an empty cup or bowl to increase the sound.

7. Eliminate toilet stains
Pour a can of Coca-Cola into a toilet pit, and leave overnight. Afterwards, wash and soapy water and clean it. 

8. Clean the drain
Flush the sewer pipe with hot water. A minute later, sprinkle a cup of baking soda into it.Gently, pour a cup of vinegar into the waste disposal. Flush again with hot water.

9. Body odor removal

If you forget to wear deodorant and do not want body odor while on the move, cut the orange or fresh lemon into two parts and rub into the skin. Body odor will soon disappear.

10. Eliminate bad breath

Well, if this time you forget to brush your teeth or run out of toothpaste, chew an apple.Apples can help eliminate bad breath. 

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